Can I pay one price to move all my characters to another server?

I have 16 characters on one server and the horde to alliance ratio is pretty bad. I was hoping to move the 16 to Wyrmrest Accord where my other characters are and the ratio isn’t as one sided since I’m the only one left of my family/friends who still plays. I only play warmode cause I’m from a pvp server. I just wanted to know if it’s possible to pay one price for all my characters instead of having to do it one by one.

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A long time ago I had to move 8 guys and there was no bulk discount, so I did it slowly over a few years.

Not sure about nowadays. Maybe reach out to their customer support people.

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Doesn’t FFXIV give you a free one every month or something? Thought there was an MMO that did that.

I think Blizzard should just give everyone a free one every month/year and then additional ones you have to pay for.


A free one a month might be a bit too much. I could see one a year though. That would be dope.

Well considering how screwed up a lot if not all the servers are w/ sharding, they should merge servers and/or let people free migration for a limited time.

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Sadly there is no bulk discount, and character service sales are fairly rare, usually once a year. So if you want to save money, your best bet is to farm gold for tokens and use those instead.

They are going to connect more realms, starting this week.

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Didn’t realize that was happening so soon.

When the connect realms does that act like they are the same server? Meaning can I give or receive items to people on connected realms?


Yeah, you can do anything as if the other person was on the same server. Mail, trade, or join a guild.

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Rift iirc gave you one free a month and you could pay to do it more.

Which is how blizzard should do it too…

No, there is still no bulk transfer, nor is there a volume discount.

Excellent. Thank you.

Is my mind playing tricks, or did they, back in the distant past, occasionally offer a free transfer to a low population realm?

Yes, but I think they stopped doing that back around TBC or maybe WotLK.

They did, back when new servers were being added. It was an incentive to help spread the population away from mega servers.


It is currently not possible.