Can I pay for my friends account?

I want to preface this by saying that my friend is unfortuntally unable to pay for their own account anymore which is why I want to do this to begin with. But they are saying that the name on the card paying for the account HAS to be the same as the name of the account holder.

Is this true? I really don’t know. Can I not let them use my card to pay for their account?

Anyone can pay for anyone else’s account. Your friend is thinking of moving toons between accounts where, I think at least, that applies to.


So the same card can pay for any number of accounts then? Obviously so long as you have the money to do so. RIght?

Yes, as long as you have the funds, you can pay for any amount of account as you see fit.


Thank you! , This post is solved.

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One thing that I’d recommend you consider, instead of giving them your credit card details to setup payment, you could alternatively just gift them the game time from the shop.

You can find the option to gift game time here:


You can also gift them balance and let them do the purchase.
You would need to add enough balance to cover the cost of the game and any relevant taxes.

Whether you gift game time or balance, blocks of time must be for at east 60 days. With a sub, you can buy 30 days at a tine but that requires maintaining your credit card on file for the recipients account.


I would not give anyone your credit card number. No matter how much you
trust them.

I would either as said above gift the time. Or do as I did in the past, and
buy a time card and give them the code off it to type in.


Good advice! Even if there are no bad intentions, sometimes people can just forget. I once took a phone call from a mother who had let her son pay for 2 friends, but it was only supposed to be for 1 month. They all forgot about it, and 6 months later she was talking to me about being charged for multiple accounts.

Gifting is definitely a safer option - however you end up doing it (physical, or digital)