Can i mythic this week?

anyone else feeling kicked to the curb in mythic+?
idk if its just me but i have a 440 GS and its not unusual for me to spend 30-40 mins to get into a group because lets face it… why bring a class with almost no group utility other then interrupts & subpar dps compared to others, and with weeks that have afflicted…just forget about it.

certainly have some buyers remorse choosing to main a havoc demonhunter, i was hoping they woulld of announced some changes coming… instead of announcing that they are thinking about looking at maybe possibly changing somethings but its no where close to being ready to the point we cant even mention it… thats how hard were working on DH you suckers.

thats what i heard.

You cannot find a key that gives you IO unless you’re vengeance. And if 25+ means IO to you, you’ve already re-rolled. Bringing a DH past 24 is just inting your group (assuming pugs)

Any group 24 or higher with a DH in it is a liability compared to just bringing any of the top 3 range dps. It’s not even debatable.

The dev that does Rogue and DH has already stated in the DH discord to “not get your hopes up”. The person quite literally said we wouldn’t get anywhere near the amount of changes/rework that Rogue is getting.


I make my own groups to just do 20-22s and I fill the group within about 5 mins.

Were getting the bandaid treatment, talent changes, new pathing, essentially 90% of the Havoc tree, will remain the same, just different pathing, and maybe a few talent replacements, well have to see

Making own group is best route. Playing momentum/cycle build I usually finish first not often I’m coming in last for dps at 20+. Make a note for incorp weeks too that lets them you know you will CC the mobs.