Can I get a "Free" Faction change to alliance please?

It’s litterally impossible to do any of the Sparks of Life quests in a decent amount of time. There are Zero horde to help with elites you can’t solo, or pvp crate drops.

I’ve been trying for two days to do this “Sparks of Life: Zaralek Cavern” quest… and I’ve seen 12 Warcrate drops and won zero of them because its always 20 alliance vs 1 or 2 horde.

You can’t kill an Elite boss, (Except for the very few I can solo)… because when you use the Group finder nobody is in queue for them. There are maybe 4 or 5 horde in the entire zone and mostly they’re bots.

The way I see it, you have to be Alliance this Xpac if you want to get any world quests done (i.e. Warcrates, warmode quests, etc.) and not to mention the alliance win BG’s and Epic BG’s 90% of the time.

Whats up with this? If I have to be alliance to do PvP… that’s fine, but why should I have to pay for the transfer? It’s serious B.S.

You have to join one of the sparks groups. There will be a bunch of people killing each other in a grave yard PvP zone where everyone is red. Alliance v Horde doesn’t matter.


I’ve looked for “Spark Groups” and havn’t found one… perhaps I don’t do it on reset day and that’s the problem?

Doesn’t matter, the balance issues of Horde vs Alliance is obvious. Horde are outnumbered out in the world and lose BG’s far, far more often. That’s a problem.

Just look for “sparks” in LFG. You’re right though, most groups will be up day of reset. If you fall behind this week and can’t get the Sparks done, you can always buy the Trophies of Strife at Malicia for Honor until you’ve caught up.

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Idk about you guys but I’m wondering why the Alliance still get those extra PvP rewards. Clearly the meta has shifted and they don’t need the help.

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Last I checked, they actually have a 10% bonus just like Horde does.

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I could have sworn it was higher when I was on an alt lately. But if I’m wrong, my bad!

Sparks on Tuesday. Do the world quests if you find getting 100 just from graveyard aoe’ing to be too boring.

Might be a time of day issue more than anything. I’m a dad gamer so I usually only get to getting my main done on reset day and then have two alts to work on as well. I always find groups for them and get them done. Shouldn’t be that big of an issue. The only thing I could think of is that it was in Caverns this week which is pretty low pop at this point + bloody tokens aren’t as useful anymore so no one if farming them now.

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all sparks farms are done in pvp zones where faction don’t count. faction changing would do nothing.

I did this week’s spark quest in 30mins tops and then continued slaughtering other players for fun. Easy way to farm bloody tokens doing these quests. Join a group.

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That’s the way to do it. :slight_smile:

…bruh. Just farm treasures. You get 5 sparks per treasure you gather/dig up, absolutely zero PvP required.

(Disclaimer: Pack some Expedition Shovels… otherwise you can’t see 75% of the treasures.)

yesterday i solo killed like 30+ players in that cobalt pvp arena without dying
get buffs and pwn
skill issue

About that…

[Emphasis mine]

Now if only the Cobalt Assembly were in Zaralek Caverns…