Can Blizz not be anymore obvious about favoritism and racials?

I mean horde have been the favorite pvp faction for years in the eyes of blizzard. Just look at the racial abilities each expansion( and no one racial ability that was OP during the worst expansion in history is not all of WoW). So i am really looking forward to how blizzard is going to justify everyone playing Zandalari Troll? I maen oh wait of course people will just play in in pvp and pve for lore reasons and not racial advantages or benefits at all.


Activision be like, “Hold my beer! Watch this!”


Blizzard be like, " Let me get you a refill while you do that, anything else master"

It really is op if you’ve tried it on the ptr it’s 100% heal that’s channeled


I want to point out that Every Man for Himself wasn’t just OP in WoD. It had remained the same ever since Wrath of the Lich King. It removed all movement impairing effects and all effects which cause loss of control of your character. From patch 3.0.2 until patch 7.0.3.

That’s 4 expansions. It basically made the Undead racial, Will of the Forsaken, useless in every way because it removed all stun, cc, and movement impairment.

Honestly, I believe some adjustments are going to be made for Zandalari specifically for PvP combat, mainly because they’ll have to balance around rated play. I’m going to assume you’re talking about their channeled heal racial, in which case, they’ll probably add a PvP modifier along the lines of, “This ability heals for 50% of HP while engaged in PvP combat.”

Here, they explained that
there will be further tuning done to the racial.
We don’t know exactly what it is, but it’s safe to say the 100% heal over 4 seconds isn’t staying. As I said, it’ll probably be reduced to 50% which isn’t as OP, as it still breaks on damage.

As for the Alliance racials, I wouldn’t mind seeing a buff or two thrown towards the Alliance, namely Gnomes to make it a mini hand of freedom and Dwarves to reduce all damage taken by 10% instead of just physical and better reflect on, “for every harmful debuff removed, reduce damage by an additional X%.”

Kul’Tiran Passive is also really good. You heal for 2% of all damage you take over 4 seconds, stacking too. It works like a reverse monk Stagger. Speaking of which, I can just imagine how OP that’ll make Brewmaster Monk or any tank in general.

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Here we go again…

A blue said the racials will eventually get fixed. Eventually…


lets jump the gun and call something OP while its still on the PTR. Cuz we all know thats gonna go excatly as we want it to.

PTR numbers are NEVER final. They have always changed them in the end, and the only reason they might seem OP at the start, is to generate money by people paying for race changes. Look at Death Knights in early wrath. They were by far the most powerful class in the game, they could do anything, everything, and even things you didnt think of with ease. And why did they do that? To get people to actually play it. Why spend months and months making something that people are just gonna look at and be like, meh ok. So please, just allow things to come full circle and then complain.

Instead we should wait until it goes live, where it will be much more difficult to get it changed? For you that might make sense, but for Alliance, it makes much more sense to get this fixed while it’s still on PTR, where fixes are easier to make, than to wait until it goes live.

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Exactly, because once racials go live blizzard immediately always fixes them isnt that right? Just like they did in all of Legion where it was mandatory to have full Blood Elf teams ill all Mythic+ tournaments or in all arena tournaments when entire teams were Blood Elf and Orc. I mean those racials only lasted an entire expansion that was very popular and those racials were required for high end progress and competition. So i am fully faithful blizzard will fix the broken horde racials when they go live just like usual. Oh wait they never do that anytime something for horde is broken.


Eventually could totally mean next expansion though. XD :stuck_out_tongue:


I don’t see them changing the 100% heal for a while.

Because every man for himself was fine for 8 years though?

https: //wow wiki. fandom .com /wiki/Every_Man_for_Himself

" (14-Oct-2008):** Added."
" (19-Jul-2016): Every Man for Himself now removes all Stun effects and shares a 30-second cooldown with other items or abilities that have a similar effect. Changed to remove only “all stun effects” from “all movement impairing effects and all effects which cause loss of control of your character.”

Blood elf silence add 16Jan2007
Finally nerfed on 30Aug2018

You do realize that’s not what made EMFH so strong right? It was the ability to equip two trinkets and some broken OP pve trinkets.

The movement impairment racial shared a cd with the medallion/trinket, which is why humans didn’t equip one, so every player had the same cc removal ability as EMFH. They just had to use a trinket slot that humans didn’t.

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Blizzard could just remove all racials or turn them into cosmetic flavor stuff.

Obviously we can’t have nice things since it can be unfair to someone somewhere sometime.

Like Orc hardiness stacking with relentless …

A passive that stacked with a passive and give somewhere around a 40% reduction to stun affects, was super broken which is why they changed it. I think they even nerf relentless because of that, wasn’t it 25% before? The people that think EMFH was super op, but dismissed this for as being ok blow me away. Having a passive stun reduction will always beat a trinket with a cooldown.

Lol s.tfu orcs get battlemaster trinket + more

lol 100% heal so broken, “you interrupt tho” and if someone helps him CC and channel it? ya free heal. broken broken broken broken.

Your name fits perfectly

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