Can Beast Master change 1st Animal Companion?

Can’t figure it out myself so had to ask. My Beast Master uses Animal Companion. It summons the first pet from your stable. It’s always the first pet I ever tamed. I thought it depended on which pet you placed in the first slot of your “stable”. But no matter what slots I shuffle pets in the stable into, the same one appears when I call any of the others. So, really? You’re stuck with the lowest animal you ever tamed? Or does that change if you abandon that animal? Am asking because I have a specific animal that I want to be the one that is always called as the companion, but can’t seem to figure out how to do it.


Normally it should be just whatever pet you put in the upper left stable slot of page 1. Make certain you’re on the first page of the stables though.

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Yeah, I went to a stablemaster and removed all of my pets and placed the one I wanted to be the “companion” in the first slot (upper left like you said) and the others after that. Called the fifth slot pet and the one pet I had first tamed appeared again (he was in the 2nd slot from the top). I don’t get it!

First, Dismiss Pet.

Move all your pets to the second (or later) page of the stable, including your Call Pet 2-5 pets.

Then, put your Animal Companion pet in the upper left stable slot, and your Call Pet 1 pet in the top slot of active pets.

Finally, use Call Pet 1. If you still see the wrong pet, Dismiss Pet (with two pets out), then Call Pet 1 again.

If you still see the wrong pet after that, report it as a bug.


Well, I took the easy way out. I put my Companion pet in the upper left stable slot and the one pet I was having problems with in a totally different slot. Then I called it and abandoned it. Now my Companion pet is called with all other pets. And I went out and tamed another, similar pet to the one I was having problems with. Everything seems to be resolved now - at least until such time as I change my mind and have a new pet that I want to be my Companion pet. But thanks all for the the advice.

This problem still is happening so here is what fixed it for me today: I noticed that it would remove the 2nd pet and keep putting in the first pet I trained if I didn’t leave it in the stable. So the end result that worked was keeping the pet I want to be ‘2nd live battle pet’ in the upper left spot in the stable, and not to carry it with me.

Read carefully:
The left COLLUMN in the stable UI is a 5 slot collumn for PRIMARY PETS ONLY. You can fill the 5 slots and choose which primary pet to summon. THE ANIMAL COMPANION goes in the stable ON THE RIGHT OF THE UI in the VERY FIRST SLOT of tab 1.