Can’t get 1800 in RSS

Hello fellow rogues,
I hope someone can give me advice here. I earned rival in RSS on 4 of 5 characters I regularly play, two of which are healers. The two other classes are Ret and War. But I’m struggling so much with sub rogue in RSS. I keep bouncing between 1600 and 1750. I feel like I always go 3:3 and it’s pretty hard to even go 4:2.
This class seems so strong with CDs and burst. I can nuke someone 100-0 in a 4 second stun, but only when I can set it up properly. There are three big problems for me in RSS:

  1. My partners die way too fast. Sometimes I can’t even get a second go after I have the healer’s trinket. I try to peel by stunning and incaping both dps, but it’s just about all I can do expect for kicking wizards. Any advice here? I almost never die in RSS. This class is super tanky. But my partners die so fast :slightly_frowning_face:

  2. I can’t set up kills. I’m not sure what is a good time to set up a kill. Do you just set it up and go? Or do you wait until your partners have their CDs up?

  3. I’m not sure what to do between my goes. I do very little sustain damage, so if I am not targeted, I will usually apply rupture on both dps and just try peeling my partner What do you do between your goes?

I don’t like sub in rated solo shuffle personally. And I find it a lot easier and a little bit slower pace where I don’t feel as crazy as I do on sub playing assassination.

I also noticed that you’re running plus 88 mastery gems when you should be doing mastery/versatility gems.

Your best bet is to try and get their trinkets before you do an actual go. So then that way you can kidney into a bomb and then go ham on the kill target and when the enemy healer gets closed, you can blind. Or you can get the healers trinket and then do a go on the DPS and try using shadowy duel on the kill target so that way they get taken out of the equation from their healer.

As far as sustain damage goes, sub rogue doesn’t really have any as it’s quite crap. You would need to basically do a go and if it doesn’t work try to hide get a restealth, Wait for DR’s and then do another go. It’s kind of gimmicky.

If other people are in your party are being trained and they just can’t live despite all the crowd control that you’re doing on the enemy team, that’s just not really your fault

Very good advice. It’s generally what I try to do. How do you find Assassination easier in SS? Is it because it’s closer to a normal melee having better sustain damage?

Yeah it’s closer to being a normal melee and I’ve been playing it for literal years so it’s what I’m most used to and I can put in some solid sustain pressure

I’ll give it a try. Is the set bonus vanish bug still a thing?

I’ll be honest and tell you I never heard about it