Camera following style problem/bug?

Sort of curious about this statement because starting wow from the bnet launcher or starting it from the wow executable should result in the same process getting run in the exact same way,
At some past point you chose to run one as “Run As Administrator”. This would result in a different windows account getting used to launch wow and that could result in the permissions getting changed on the WTF folder or the files in it.

What specific methods are you using to launch wow? How are they different?

I had a little trouble wording that previous statement sorry.

All I do is just start the game from the battle net launcher like anyone else would.
I haven’t tried anything else.

Does /dump C_CVar.GetCVar("cameraSmoothStyle") produce different results after starting the game vs after reloadui?


Nope. Doesn’t effect log in from battle net launcher. Reloading in game still breaks the camera following style.

Ok so it’s not actually changing the setting then, something else is going on.

Thanks for trying, Elvenbane.

I’m wondering if I’m the only player having this problem or if other people that have it aren’t even reporting it.

I personally run with Never Adjust so I couldn’t say.

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I use this setting myself (only horizontal while moving) and the only time WoW has ever changed it is when I get into a few specific vehicles and exiting the vehicle corrects it. While I’m in the vehicle the camera will revert to an auto adjust setting. Since its very consistent on the vehicles that cause it, I’m pretty sure its a vehicle-thing and not a game glitch.

Never, at any time, has it flipped to never adjust on me.

You said that you reset the interface. After you reset it and before you added back any addons, did the problem come up again?

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I really wanted to reply this sooner but the forum wouldn’t let me.

It’s all fixed now.

Doing the command “/console cvar_default” and then
“/console cvar_reset” before the “/reload” did the trick. Not exactly sure if it was one, the other or both before the reload.

It was suggested in a recent ticket I got.

Thank you to all who helped me during this difficult problem.


My camera has been like this since WoD. Even a clean reinstall of the game hasn’t fixed it. The only “fix” I found was using a macro to reset the camera every time it does that which temporarily makes it start following me again.

Here is what I observed:

If you have camera following disabled at login, you cannot enable it while logged in.

So after enabling it you have to log off and log in again (/reload is not enough).

If you have camera following enabled at login, you can disable and enable it while logged in.

Very strange…

I Actually have this happening now. It makes my strafe f— up my movement. Been so desperate to try and fix this.

Oh MY GLOB YOU SAVED ME. thank you

you saved me… I owe you

Yup I had this happen and nothing at works. Not even a full reinstall. My camera will not auto follow me anymore. Causing me to make a lot of positioning mistakes.

You probably do not have to do a full cvar_default or cvar_reset, which resets all your settings.

Instead try this:
/run ResetView(2) SetView(2)

Explanation: WoW has 5 different camera presets which you can override using the SaveView() function. The active view is the one you have last changend into using SetView(). The camera following does not work while your active view is one that has been overridden. So to make it work again, you reset a view (using the ResetView() function) and make it the currently active view using the SetView() function. In the example above I used view 2, but you can use any other.

See also:


Thank you!! This was driving me NUTS!

this fixed the issue for me, was having trouble with it since DF prepatch and am glad it’s back to normal again


Do you know which values cover camera options while in a vehicle? I keep snapping to down and below while in a flying vehicle and ‘front and facing character’ while doing rock climbing. Using the set view you provided does move the camera, but it immediately swings back leading me to think it’s not exactly the same variable in my case.

I am not sure I understand what you are talking about. :slight_smile: What is rock climbing?