Came back to a zero population server

I just re-activated my wow subscription so I could place Classic and begin my journey through TBC. However when I logged on, I noticed my server of choice at the time, Incendius, is completely empty. A quick Google search for server populations tells me that Incendius is showing a population of zero. Not a soul in Orgimmar, not even anything on the auction house. Is there a way I could get a free realm transfer? It hardly seems fair to allow my character to exist on a realm with no one on it. I was surprised to see the server dead in the first place. Seems the active player base is low across the board. Might be a good idea to condense servers. But is it possible to receive a free realm transfer in this instance? I had a lvl 60 and because of this I had to start over on one of the only “Full” servers, Grobbulus.

The Returning Player forum is here primarily to discuss questions about the game that other players might be able to answer. Devs don’t come here for feedback or questions.

That said, I found it extremely hard to believe the server had no active players in Orgrimmar and nothing on the AH. To prove my point I made a character on the server and went to orgrimmar.

There are 9 listings on the horde AH.


I am so sorry.

According to the post Here, free transfers were available. I am unsure if they are still available however as the last time the post was updated was February 4th.

If you have any questions about the process, I would suggest submitting a ticket in game, as like I said at the beginning of this reply, devs don’t come here. (neither do blue posters in general. The only blizz employees that frequent this forum are the mods who take care of potential rule violations for us, and they don’t post, nor do they have a line of communication to the devs.)

As for the rest of your post, suggestions aren’t read here either. If you want your ideas about condensing servers to be heard, the BCCD forum would be the place to post to have your thoughts heard.

Best of luck… sincerely.

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