Came back found out about new multi-boxing rules

The author took it down herself.

Yeah, 'cause curseforge told author to do so. Why do you think that happened?

Anyone know a good addon that will share team quest progress?

That’s about the only other thing that is going to be a pain.

Ok so hotkeynet, autohotkey, anything like that move it into your trashcan. That is an invitation for a ban. They recently banned hooking computers together via a kvm sycronization switch with a keyboard and mouse to mirror commands… don’t do that either. Manually control each client one at a time and you’re good.

I’m in a discord with her. She wasn’t told to take it down. She took it down herself cause she wanted to do so.

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Honestly, I don’t think they know what the hell they’re doing. I really think they are after bots and are just swinging at anything and everything. They don’t know how to fix it, or they want to do it in one big hit instead of taking the time to do it right. It’s the Diablo 3 mentality “This skill isn’t used, so let’s give it +7000% damage. That skill is powerful, cut it by 60%.”

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Yeah I don’t use any of that sort of stuff. Literally two PCs with separate key presses. Mainly just having a pocket healer, because levelling as a healer is a pain.

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The weird thing is that no matter how clearly you explain that, some of these people are ridiculously stupid and cannot understand. They are so deadset on doing what they want that they can’t understand that they can’t do it that way. Lots of people that were not told “no” enough while growing up lol.

Then you’re good :slight_smile:

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Oh yeah that’s fine then

I guess if she’s telling you first hand, I can’t dispute that.

She decided to pump all this effort into it…and having used it, I can see there was plenty of effort.

Did she give a reason? You understand how hard it is for anyone to believe that one day she just woke up and wanted it so.

Let me see I gotta go back through the chat log. I believe it was over the “streamlining” bit on the first day cause no one knew what that fully ment when it was first updated, but I’ll double check here to be sure.

It’s not really hard to understand. Blizz was direct and easy to understand, but also used some vagueness in their word choice that allows them to come back and amend their decision without causing a stink. It’s all PR speak. So, when the primary function of what you have created is not allowed in the ways they mentioned, then it wouldn’t take much effort for them to consider the addon itself a problem and get people banned with it or maybe even come after the mod creator in some way.

Was there a public announcement or blue post? (Got a link?)

Leveling guides, even ones that open a flight window and select the FP is not against the new rules.

If you had software taht made each toon do it at the same time, well that is.

The rules are about brodcasting keys

Shoot, even GSE is safe and that one is questionable at best.

Yeah she thought it would be considered streamlining but the addon used the ingame api and she took it down herself out of caution.


Press X for doubt.

Honestly it was knee-jerk tbh but in fairness at the beginning no one knew what constituted streamlined. Things are a little more clear now… kinda.

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Because Curse got purchased by overwolf who just arnt to good at things.

It is still up at wowi