Came back found out about new multi-boxing rules

Yeah, I just mean I can understand how someone could just be fed up with all the b.s. lol.

Lol true but it’s like too we were all confused and all of us sent in gm tickets asking. I got one solid gm response and that one clarified it a lot along with a few others responses. That’s how we came to the conclusion that manually is ok but the other methods aren’t. But that wasn’t for a few days.

Why is it not replying directly to people grrr well you get the idea lol

Blizz is probably streamlining the forums :smiley:

LOL or a case of OE. XD

This was the main one I think I needed to find. Ah well, I wasn’t really doing any of that, but I’ll ditch those that come close for now.

Addons use the game’s API. If an addon is doing something they don’t like, they break that functionality within the API. That’s why it’s safe for addon authors to make addons and why they needn’t fear blowback from powers-that-be.

I’m on the PC now and not my phone sec I’ll get the full TOS and articles. That is the old TOS from NOV

Their position’s changing that fast and still not fixing bots?

EDIT: I realize why the ‘reply to’ indicator isn’t happening. It’s when you reply without quoting the person directly above you.

That is 100% the exact same thing someone said in one of the duelbox forums regarding it. lol But, they may use it as an opportunity to make something else who knows.

oooh that would do it

That’s the new TOS and…


I’m new to the forums so I’m still learning what stuff does.

So basically what people were doing is like I briefly mentioned before with the KVM switches. Basically you would have one main computer and 4 sub computers or however many. You would then take the KVM synchronous switch to broadcast your keys and your mouse movements to the other 4 computers with one set of keyboards and mice and the main one you would just control normally (least that was the general set up). That was added into against the TOS. Additionally using this type of set up to potentially mirror different keys or key combinations is also a no no. You can still manually switch to a window and manually control a window then switch to the next window and manually control it on the same computer. If using 2 different computers, if you’re manually controlling both (one with one hand another with the other hand) that’s fine too. The KVM aspect isn’t detectable and neither is the software aspect.

TLDR: Just don’t hook stuff together using a KVM synchronizer switch or broadcast software and you’ll be good. Playing on 2 computers if fine long as they aren’t connected via that switch.

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While that should be the way things are, using the game’s API is no guarantee that you will not be banned for using it in ways Blizz decides break the EULA.

Pressing 1 key and having 5 different actions on 5 different accounts take place sounds like automation to me.

reminds me of macros

The issue came in is people took it to extremes. Back in 2007 to 2010 (height of wow popularity) there was no wow token and anyone playing with the software (if it existed that far back) or hardware set up was just doing it cause they enjoyed the playstyle for the most part. There was some that abused it back then, but mainly gold farmers and bots were the biggest hinderances back then. It then escalated as software and hardware evolved to where instead of someone playing maybe a team of 5 to do dungeons with or the occasional random bg / world gank, it became to 40 to 50 man zone lock downs with 1 push of a keyboard and I think that’s what the community is salty over. It got to the point where people were using it as a way to make gold, or grief rather than the idea of filling all roles at one time to quote on quote solo a dungeon or a smaller raid.

Also nazjatar… the druids… SO MANY DRUIDS. ATTACK OF THE BIRDS AAAH!

But now it’s back to basics of manually controlling each character by moving windows or doing like what was discussed with 2 computers and no funny business. If I remember right, that’s how multiboxing came to be because you had multiple “boxes” (aka windows) that you would go into and control.

Also if I could post meme links in here I totally would. I have a meme but sadly can’t put it in here. :frowning:

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they changed their addon stuff a while ago cause botters could run those + their stuff and it would automate them to the point of their system was having a hard time detecting them. Bots are crafty little turds.

This topic was necro’d from before the last policy update from a week and a half ago, but in case it wasn’t made clear by Dingringding, both software and hardware input broadcasting is now bannable.

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oh it was! I didn’t catch that. Good eye Impsie!