Calligraphy Quest: Impossible?


You’re never safe when entering a Rastlin thread.


(Volley) #33

4 Hours?

It took me 10 seconds. Ten. Seconds.

Take the caligraphy world quest while mounted, then trace the literal path of the circle, square, triangle, whatever. It has to be traced perfectly and it’s not hard.

(Voxplaga) #34

Sounds like you need to pay more attention then? I’ve completed it on three characters today, none of them taking over 5 attempts.

Edit: I should have known. Never post before looking to make sure it isn’t a rastlin thread on a sunday.

(Eilyssana) #35

I had the same problem as Rastlin the first time I tried it. Fallhaven, making a square - I’d take one or two steps and Nola would immediately start with her “That’s not how you do it!” nonsense. I eventually gave up on that one.

I came across the triangle version in Dazar’alor, a few days later, and failed multiple times after returning to the starting point, and it showed my path overlaying the “correct” path, and several attempts were so barely off it was silly. I did finally succeed at that one, though.

(Annastasi) #36

Just went out to do one to check and see if my first attempt was a fluke

nope. completed it in 10 seconds.

my experience (in this case, an underwhelming sample size of 2 calligraphy quests) indicates that there’s no problem with this quest.

(Meritha) #37

I have now done it on all 6 of my characters today… no issue on any of them. I mean Rastlin in particular could be bugged, but it’s either unlikely or he needs to post in bug reports.

(Neocleo) #38

I have had no problem myself. I also saw that they even made it easier too. Good luck!


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(Mastadôn) #40

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(Tridiak) #42

It took me four attempts.
And its optional (usually 4 or 5 other turtle Qs around for WQ).

(Mastadôn) #43

Your name isn’t Adam by chance is it?

Cuz man Adam ruins everything. Paid the price too


Nah. My name is Trouthammer, Divine Fishmonger of the Seventh Dimension.

(Meritha) #45

How about this?


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I can see I have to call in reinforcements.

Oh this poor thread. It has taken a turn. A turn for the better lol.


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I screenshot each time I open one and print that out and hang beside my desk.

Once I’ve capped all of the shells and have the pictures all hung, I take a single picture of them collectively and run that through a piece of software I’ve developed that tells me the most efficient path of completion, click by click.

27-31 minutes later, voila.

(Meritha) #51