CAll me crazy, but i win more on my ally toons than horde


I’m talking at 120 too. Has something changed? At beginning of BFA, horde were dominating. What happened


They added BIS essence for bgs and ally has 50% more honor so that’s why


Geared players are trying to upgrade their bis Azerite Essence. Horde players are using merc mode for faster queues and bonus honor.

(Ccloudstlkr) #4

^^ this. Alliance may think mercs are hurting them but this is 100% false. the best bgers are running merc mode 100% of the time. The honor and azerite is just too good on the alliance side (or more accurately its just to pathetic on the horde side)

(Dosao) #5

I think the merc levels are back to normal now … was waiting more than 10 minutes for an epic last night . Getting backfilled into a losing WG after that is so awesome

(Silverbolt) #6

Do you play epic BGs as well?

(Jarawana) #7

Pfft. I got to Rank 3 with my red cape on.


I have little sympathy for the epic bgs…sorry.


Wake up, you’re dreaming.