Calia Menethil proves Forsaken Paladins should be added


It, really, really wasn’t.

Calia was resurrected by the light. Performed by a freakin’ Naaru.

The Forsaken were resurrected by death aspected magic.

I’m not against it. It just needs to follow the rules established in the lore. A new faction of undead would be a more accurate situation, led by Calia. They could welcome the Forsaken into their ranks (as she would) but they would need to be lightforged in some way to wield it. Maybe a second death, and resurrected by the light.

The thing is, anything is possible in the game - Zandalari druids are pretty freakin’ neat but they never would have made sense before the lore was written in a way that allowed them.

Blizzard just need to write the universe in a way that allows things, which means literally anything anyone wants could be possible, but they like to pick and chose based on arbitrary things.

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What has she lead?


Uh, no - Calia Menethil proves lightforged undead can be Paladins, if anything.

Lightforged Undead =/= Forsaken


Bad things.

(Floyln) #30

For the same laughable reason NF joined the Horde.

(Albricksen) #31

Of course we shouldn’t underestimate Blizzard’s capabilities regarding making ridiculous design and storytelling decisions. Something like NOT giving Night Elves the Paladin class despite Legion Paladin followers but giving Paladins to Undead is totally something I could see Blizzard doing.

In fact, I predict that Blizzard will add Undead Paladins before they add Worgen and Goblin Monks. Imagine what the forums would look like if the devs announce at Blizzcon that Forsaken will get Paladins while Goblins and Worgen still don’t get Monks.

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Oh look, another Tyierin thread where he misrepresents the lore.

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Calia is not the same as the traditional Forsaken. She was not raise thru necromancy, she was reborn thru the infusion of the light into her body. And there is no god damn way Forsaken should get paladins before NEs!


Personally, I’m hoping we get Vulpera and Gilbins for this expansion. We don’t need more races that are zealous about the Light.

(Kneeshooter) #35

I guess if a Naaru converts them to Lightforged as was done with Calia, there could be justification for it. If you are quoting Calia as a reason, anyhow.


(Fanling) #36

Except she wasn’t converted. She was raised as a lightbound undead.

(Felsavior) #37

Because forsaken are still constructed by death magic which rejects the light.

Forsaken physically cannot be paladins.

Now if we get more light born undead, like calia, then they could potentially be paladins. But not forsaken.


Calia will in all likelihood be the racial leader of a new type of Undead. I’m almost sure of it. We’ve wanted upright, :b:ONELESS Forsaken for a long time.

Though I am unsure if they will be Horde or Alliance.

We’ve got another year of this sad, Medievally depressing expansion left…


This. Forsaken are the more like Demons, but with Necromancy instead of Fel. Calia was just a corpse, who was risen by the Light. The Forsaken were corpses that were risen by Necromancy. Entirely different beings.

If you want to use an argument for Forsaken Paladins, Lothraxion and Xe’ra trying to Lightforge Illidan would be better arguments. Because at least they were corrupted by some form of dark magic prior to their Lightforging, and they were able to be converted. Of course though, Fel is different magic school from Necromancy. So it may not translate.

(Aelora) #40

Every class/race should be allowed to be rolled at this point. The lore has gotten so wibbly wobbly LORELOL that there’s no good excuse to continue to limit players.

(Rhielle) #41

Calia isn’t Forsaken. She wasn’t raised like a Forsaken with the same Necromantic magic.

She’s entirely different.

Point not proven.


(Eilykin) #43

Calia is a Lightforged Undead, not a forsaken. Forsaken can’t be paladins. Calia is not a Paladin. We don’t even know what “class” she is. EDIT, she’s a priest, as seen in the Priest class hall in Legion Also, there are other examples of undead using the light. They are bosses or NPC’s.

As for the Scarlet Crusade, the Light will serve someone who truly believe that their cause is noble, whether they are evil or not. Look at what happened to Yrel in Draenor (Play the Draenor Orc Allied race scenario to see what happens. She literally goes nuts and uses the light for “evil”.)

(Aelora) #44

Actually, we already know she’s a Priestess from the previous order hall quests. I have no problem seeing a Lightforged undead paladin, since their powers would be via the Naaru.

(Hamstar) #45

No, she proves that Blizzard not only jumped the lore shark, but they did it on a flaming jet ski on a lake filled with piranhas while blind folded and the Blue Eagles flying over head while a heavy metal band plays in the back ground and fire works fill the sky. Also the shark is armed with a knife.