Calendar addon for RP events?

Greetings, fellow WrA players!

As someone who’s only been on WrA for around a month now, I tend to only find out about certain RP events through word of mouth, usually not having any prior knowledge of them.

So, what I am wondering is, if there is an add-on that adds RP events to the in-game calendar, or some similar functionality? I don’t spend a whole lot of time on the forums, and I did find a tumblr called “wowrpevents”, though Tumblr’s layout leaves much to be desired, in my opinion.

Does something like this exist?

You should add Eleantha/Moria #9118 on Discord. I believe she handles one of the biggest guild event calendar with Google, at least biggest one I’ve ever seen. She helped me a lot in getting in contact with a lot of people of various events

That said, she also helped me advertise Mech’gora, a giant fighting robot tournament that’s taking place today and tomorrow at 5 PM server. You should come check it out if you have no plans!

Hey there,

Please check the Wyrmrest Accord Information & Directories at the top of the board.

Scroll down to the “community event” section.

There you will find a dozen and a half routine events, as well as a further link to Lindiwe’s google calendar.

This. Thanks Buliss. I update it almost every week (last week was a BDAY weekend).

You can also join the “Horde Roleplay Network” in-game community where most of those events get transferred to by a couple of cool people.