<CAKE> - 2 Day 3/10M 10/10H We dead! Rip

Guilds done for now, new work stuff.

bump bump bump it up!

bump bump bump it up.

can we gobble gobble up some of these dps!

Oh baby you, you got what we need!

Looking for more!

Still recruiting a resto shaman? I applied.

Thank you for the application, unfortunately we have filled the role of resto shaman. Good luck with your continued guild search.

Need more dps!

still looking for a rogue?

Have mage / rogue / hunter / dpriest; all CE players looking for a home at the moment. Doing some apps with other guilds - add me on bnet and we can talk and see if its a good fit.

plugged in#3525 - discord

Looking for a Deathknight and Warrior to round out the roster.

LF more!!!

more please, some more please

LF more…

Sent you friend request.

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Updated needs

6/10 H now, need mora!!! lets go big mage pumpers!

To the top!

hunter huh I will contact someone in game