Bwomsamdis bargain

not mad about the spoiler. Mad about the plot armour…sigh.

How hard can it be kill one banshee? Apparently very hard…


Because her name is princess?
the people clearly understand she will be Queen after Rasta died.
Bwonsamdi seems to help more than he hurts too be honest, she might not like the idea of a death loa but atleast he did save their kingdom more than once.


True however all booms power afford fast in that jul fight was jumping. Nothing else came of it he barely won hand to hand.

Just go with it, writing in BFA is 0/10.


She the daughter of the king and heir to the throne. Next patch, she going on a trial by the loas to be determine if she worthy to lead her people. That quest chain will unlock Zandalari troll for us to play.

Personally I enjoyed his interactions and deals. Kept me thinking about what he’ll do next and like what he really cares about.


It’s clearly going to be Saurfang. Humans have led the Alliance, Orcs have led the Horde. That is the natural way of things.


By far the best character in the expansion so far. If there was anyone who really is in the morally grey part of this expansion it would be him, where things are headed with him will be interesting.


The weak king needed a stronger loa to carry him after his weak loa died. Carrying a weak king is a lot of energy so Bwonsamdi needed to sweeten the deal, clearly. :slight_smile:


I thought it was odd too. But the solution is simple: Talanji just needs to concede the throne to another bloodline and Bwom loses. Talanji is already out of luck.

Why did you guys kill him off? Kind of curious.

Blizzard replying to lore posts instead of class balance posts Residentsleeper

For Sylvanas’ it is as long as she her personal Val’kyr that will sacrifice themselves to bring her back to life. Which I guess would be her ultimate plot armour because no NPCs have stopped to think about removing her Val’kyr to finally take her out permanently.

god I hope the “writing” team can make a decent story out of this x-pack. Because as it stands they really need a curveball since the horde is once again the bad guys.


Lorewise Bwonsamdi isn’t even a Loa like the others. He takes on the appearence of a troll because they were the first race to make deals with him but he has existed for longer then that. (most likely as soon as life started on Azeroth he came into existence) The other Loa gain more power based on being worshiped. Even without any worshippers other then the Darkspear Bwon still had tons of power enough to shrug off G’huuns attempts at corruption. He can raise armys of undead like its nothing. He is also unkillable unlike the other Loa(for now till blizz gives us a plot device to be able to kill Death).

Im kind of hopeing Rezan or a new Loa of kings comes back and Talanji is 50/50. She honors the bargin with Bwon but also keeps her worship of Rezan.

Watch Voljin do something to take the curse away. Bwonsamdi doesn’t even sense Voljin. Meaning Voljin will be key at the end. Maybe he will make a self sacrifice to take the place of Talanji. But yea the whole bloodline thing is kinda lame in the point of storytelling.

What, you act like parents in RL didn’t impose their decisions upon their children. I mean it’s not like arranged marriage didn’t and don’t still occur to this day. Plus you are talking about someone making a deal with a super natural being, I think most the rules you and I would consider unfair don’t really matter.


It’s certainly not fair to be born into a curse, but often the circumstances that you’re born into aren’t fair. I’m sure many people feel they’ve been born into a curse. Sure, not a bargain with a Loa of Death, but we don’t get to choose the circumstances we are born into. Sometimes life isn’t fair. The same goes for Rastakahn’s bloodline unfortunately for them. It wouldn’t be the first time a person “cursed” their bloodline, metaphorically speaking.

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Not really that odd. Not even remotely strange when viewed within the context of traditional folktales. A parent is often assumed to have dominion over and control of their offspring’s fate until that offspring has achieved autonomy by 1: leaving the parent’s home, or 2: joining another family through marriage. Talanji had done neither of those things, and was still viewed as her father’s “property” as far as Bwonsamdi was concerned.

This is not the first time Bwonsamdi has made deals like this, claiming children’s souls and futures in order to grant their parents a boon. There is a little female troll spirit that wanders Bwonsamdi’s temple. A child. As you help her find her ‘mada’, you learn that her mother took her to the temple and sacrificed her to the loa for a bargain of immortality.

Not only that, but we have plenty of information suggesting that the Loa really ARENT that powerful relative to our current hero pool (Malf/Tyrande/Sylv)…I like the Loa, but I have no idea why they are important.