Bwomsamdis bargain

Just doesn’t make sense. How can Rastakhan forcibly impose the bargain upon Talanji? The idea that she and his future descendants are now tied to Bwom for all eternity is a bit much right? Wouldn’t they all have to swear fealty to him on their own and not be bound due to the desperation of one individual? Im sure we will see something solve this issue but it seems a bit clumsy doesn’t it?


Meh. I’m pretending at this point that the deal didn’t happen. Everything in the story was doing ok until that deal came. Out of all the loas he could of chose to make a pact with to help him, he chose the loa of death? :man_facepalming:


Akunda or even Gonk seemed like a smarter choice to me. Also form Bwom to betray him just because he has a daughter is the dumbest possible thing to do. Who is to say she will even have offspring? Talanji could very well be the last descendant of Rast

Maybe she’ll kill herself out of spite and Sylvanas will become the new Zandalari Queen.


He sold their bloodline to Bwomsandi and as the the head of that bloodline he had the ability to use that bargaining chip in dealings with Loa.


The contract is magically binding to their souls. They must serve him in life and in death. When Rastakhan died the contract transferred to Talanji and bound her as well. Talanji doesn’t have to be aware of it or swear anything, the terms automatically still apply to her. She has no say in the matter.

In retrospect, Rastakhan probably didn’t think that one all the way through.


since an aspect of death, and he has hinted at knowing when people are supposed to die I’d say he has some sooth saying going on. He can see some things in the future.

How is Talanji now the leader of the Zandalari? Just because she was daughter of Rastakhan. Bit much she is automatically the leader, right? Clearly the Zandalari are guided by their Loa. With the Loa competing over who is guiding the Zandalari. Now Bwomsamdi is the Loa of the leadership of Zandalari. Now the real question is can Talanji renounce Bwomsamdi? Will Talanji call on Bwomsamdi in her hour of need? Will Bwomsamdi curse Talanji if she renounces him as her Loa.

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No different than any sort of Monarchy.

Probably not, it is a deal that was made by her father, another deal would have to be made in which both parties agreed to end the bond.


Blood based leadership a wow thing.

They seem to favor female leaders of late. Not a wow is sexist rant…just a recent trend.

And not much there for options. Alliance humans has say 7th commander, genn, jaina. If Anduin were to have a fatal accident…some options to keep it in the human family if alliance must be human led… The Trollls don’t really have this.

Only other major troll presented…is shadow based as I recall. He’s not going to move up the ranks for the same reason Alleria will never take the helm. We void people (I run VE’s too) are tolerated and needed atm. They won’t be giving void freaks keys to kingdoms any time soon though.

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I’m going to disagree here. When he made the deal he knew he needed power. Zul had killed Rezan, Bwonsamdi is the only other Loa that even came close to Rezan’s power. Hell we had to save Akunda from a mere flunky and Gonk realy only avoided getting killed like the others because he’s smarter.


You have no idea how indegious religions involving a caste system work do you?

The king is the lead of his caste, in this case the royal bloodline. Everything he says goes, the king holds dominion over his bloodline when ruling. Any deal made upholds the rule of sovereignty. When Talanji is queen her dominion over the caste is equal to her fathers when she was alive.

Therefore her ability cant not over rule the bargain.

Something, something wow universe. Deals are deals.


But what happens if Bwomsamdi curses Talanji and announces someone else as leader of the Zandalari? the Loa are very important to the trolls.

He gains nothing by doing that, he is only bound to being Loa of her bloodline and she has no children as of yet so he would essentially be destroying his chances of maintaining the influence he has.


Yep. Princess can now be alliance-ified. She can’t die lol. And old boy will make sure that happens. She’s got plot armour along the lines of Super Jaina now lol.

Also princess doesn’t have many options. As I recall from horde campaign loa were dropping left and right really.

Now going tin foil and reaching maybe really hard…old boy had some help in that. Less loa around, less competition. The king and the now the princess aren’t getting much selection. Useless loa, useless loa, loa of death, useless loa.

I will take useless loa please. Sure their powers suck but wth…I like the underdog.

Which useless one princess? One give small flight points but only in the city. the other you run faster, again only in the city. Who you gonna take to take on the loa of death?

the very powerful, always there and whenever people die he just gets stronger loa of death.

My only fear is some forced writing where somehow she ends up being the leader of the Horde at the end of all of this.

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Nah, it’ll be a Tauren or a Blood Elf. Fair’s fair, they were here first.

You have more faith than I.

Spoilers!!! (you have been warned)

This actually happens. Bwonsandi says to Talanji that the deal her father made can be broken if she kills Sylvanas.

Talanji refuses.

Rastafari was an ineffective, aging, lame duck with bad hair presiding over a husk of an empire. Youre surprised he made a deal with Bwonsamdi?