Buying Carapace Fragments

Buying all silithid carapace fragments, PST

If your guys stop camping lowbies on the boats maybe you would have more people to farm.

It aint much but its honest work

Oof easy Sweettea we might not all be as sweaty as you, but we try. And as for camping lowbies on boats that wouldn’t be any of our core. There’s toxic people in every guild I can assure you horde does their fair share friend.

Who is killing on the boats? I have want to punish them on your behalf and then give them a medal.

Horde have boats?

Work on the war effort first. You ally are about 40% behind. Either you are holding out for cringe lord mounts or really need to step it up.

Ally war effort is definitely way behind, but I don’t think that is being caused intentionally. Ally on this server have half the population and there are no war effort objectives on Horde that even begin to compare to the Linen and Light Leather requirements. Have you looked at the spreadsheet? The Horde mats are a joke in comparison.

Woolcloth is awful to farm on horde. But yeah i dont understand why alliance mats are 1M more lol

Yeah Wool cloth is by far the hardest Horde mat, but we need over 3x the Linen. The difference in scale is just insane.

It’s more because in vanilla you were the dominant faction lol.

How things have changed…

I don’t remember the names, it was a male gnome mage with a white beard and a female druid camping the BB <> Ratchet boat. They showed their dominance by killing my level 40 mage. True PVP gods.

I can understand your frustration and contempt for these actions, when I’ve been killed constantly while leveling and camped in the boats by groups of higher level Horde

What do people that outnumber and out level me gain by the “point and laugh”? Am I suppose to feel bad?

Now when I’ve thought I was sneaky and started something to be roundly slapped into the ground…well, then it’s pretty appropriate to point and laugh