Button Bloat, please NERF

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The eSports narrative quietly started in TBC with arena, I think it was WoTLk they started the arena champion realms where you paid to be on them. Then they really went all out with legion M+ bringing the “eSports” into PvE.[/quote]
It started as an excuse for bad players to cope with not being good…

It was Cata, and even I played on those realms. It was open to everyone.

Mplus isnt toxic unless you are bad at it and dont put any effort into it.

Then you are being anti social.

I am heavily macro’d and use less buttons, but I know what you mean

I’ve been having fun with enhancement shaman but the number of buttons you have to regularly press even with the physical build is a bit ridiculous. Sometimes less is more.

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Solid point of view op. I’m using help / harm macros on all my toons to alleviate this when I shouldn’t have to. It’s ridiculous.

Was gonna like it but removed it because of the dumb comment about warlocks. Would make more sense if you poked at the dumb melee specs.

What you’re smokin’, I want.

You are trying to play competition in pvp the base game can be played by someone using a controller now. Go play an RTS at a high level and tell me you don’t need that many buttons. Hell just go look at a game like tarkov and it’s keybinds, and that’s for a shooter. There are probably close to 50 for tarkov. I use a 7 button mouse with keybinds for that plus every single keybinds I use on the keyboard in wow and more.

I’m not arguing about the bloat. I will tell you though an mmo mouse is great for so many games. Not just mmos. I’d say get one just to have it for all your games. They’re just a better mouse in general. Even something as basic as using your calc on your computer can be done with that mouse.

There’s a reason less than 0.01% play high level rts. So your argument is null and void.

I press, what, 8-10 buttons regularly? perhaps you need to just find a different class that suits your needs.

You can tell they never played before WoD. I had 91 keybinds on rogue in Cata

There’s just some specs I flat out cannot play because of the bloat.
Also why I’m not playing some other MMOs as often as I’d like to.

I’m actually doing this due to APM / tracking issues on my warrior, and people get obnoxious about it because WroNg BuIld. Like, that’s part of the point of having the ability to do multiple builds - change the playstyle.

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maybe they mean they were spaying and neutering for 20 years, i dunno :scream_cat: lmao

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I’m pretty sure my mage had like 50+ keybinds in classic if you include different ranks of spells, potions, bandages and trinkets etc.

My holy paladin in WoTLK is the same, bars are pretty much full.

What is the point of your post? Just because WoD was worse doesn’t mean the current button bloat for most classes is okay.

Blizzard literally just reworked Ret Paladin BECAUSE of button bloat.

So I would suggest that you take a seat, Boomer, since you cannot even remember the most recent rework that we just had.

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ret was reworked because the gameplay was dogpoo
they removed like 2 buttons. (seraphim and exorcism)

seraphim was just widely hated by the community
and exorcism was just redundant.

So I would suggest you take a seat, zoomer, since you cannot even understand the most recent rework that we jsut had.

Would go hunter. Also, the best mobility/ movement speed etc. Also the comments are the main reason I’m here lol.

WoD is when the pruning happened

Source/citation please

I suggest you actually get a clue before pretending that you know what you’re talking about and stop pretending you’re good at the game.


I said bloat wasn’t the reason for the rework.

Sorry I had just woke up and quoted the wrong person.

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