Burning Crusade - #NoNochanges

Hello friends. In my opinion i think it would be a huge mistake if we were to repeat the #Nochanges from Classic.

-Look at how mages dominate the game.
ZG Bridge Pulls, Maraudon Pulls etc

-Tons of bugs that people take advantage of - such as abusing MOB pathing and take no damage.

Basically, I dont think we should get New content in BC or Change classes as they were back then, only Quality of Life fixes towards game-breaking things that can easily be fixed with a patch.

Your thoughts?


My thoughts are that Classic has followed #Nochanges to some degree, and the result has been a raw cascade of money for Blizzard that even they underestimated resulting in jam packed servers and tons of transfer $$$ flowing through Activision like the Nile.

If anything, they will embrace #NoChanges for both TBC and Wrath like crazy.


What do they say about the devil that you know?


But there were many changes…?


Well in TBC you have an AoE cap so AoE farming is pretty much dead.

But ya I am on the #NoChanges side. Since alot of these issues are with AoE farming etc you have.


seal of the martyr for alliance plz


TBC addresses many of the issues with Classic. Let’s go ahead and take out batching. And I guess fix any major exploits the community finds. The real challenge is going to be how to stop the game from being 90% Horde on PvP servers.


But who decides what changes are good and which ones are bad? You? Me? Nobody can agree. Blizzard? These are the same developers that designed retail WoW and think it’s just great. That’s why it has to be #nochanges.

Thankfully, I think a lot of the exploits like stacking world buffs get fixed in TBC anyway.


I think in TBC they should actually have no changes instead of the whole list of them we have in Classic.




The game gets worse every time actiblizz touches it.


I’d like to see them make some changes. Like maybe have the storyline be based on demons/devils in an Azeroth version of Hell, rather than doing the space thing. Along with this change, modify the new alliance race to not be space goats. This would be an opportunity to do better on those portions of the expansion that were just awful. Going this route would enable them to keep the majority of TBC, while simultaneously moving into a Classic+ option that grants them the chance to clean up other mistakes that were made as other expansions were made.

Itll be no changes until people riot enough about stuff. Then changes will occur to appease the masses.

See: AV, Permanent layering, stuff being released earlier than intended, and more.

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#NoChanges has never been opposed to bug fixes, but…when it comes to changing things that aren’t actually bugs, “game breaking” is in the eye of the beholder, and from your line about mages, it appears to be “only change things I don’t like,” so no, I’m not joining you there.

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So Nerf the Diamond Flask then eh?

NoNo Changes? I’m 100% for an AO-rated Warcraft Game.

“Burning Crusade” takes on a whole new meaning!

Personal best scenario?

  • True patch/itemization progression
  • tightened batching (it was part of these expansions, but it should be tightened to fit a modern internet connection speed for the purposes of arena)
  • 1 week of pre-patch before the portal opens. Players can make and level dranei/Blood Elves during this time.
  • Servers are clones from the original classic servers with new servers added to the pool during pre-patch with free transfers from High pop realms to allow people to prepare for the inevitable queues.


  • Final patch state upon release.
  • no spell batching adjustments
  • no pre-patch event
  • blizzard sits around drinking coffee while the server rooms burn around them due to the meltdown of putting the entire 60 population of the current mega-servers into hellfire peninsula… you thought P2 was bad? You are not prepared…

#nochangers are like the crazy religious lady from the Mist movie at this point.

TBC was warned that the game was going to have issues with overpopulation on a small area that’s a fraction of the size of classic and having blood elves. TBC is going to have huge issues regardless of changes or not.

Doing patches like the original BC is dumb because later patches fix issues with classes and bring some up to speed. There’s a reason why these patches happened in the first place. People shouldn’t be stuck with bugs and issues waiting for an artificial timed patch to drop for fixing it.

Asking for patch progression and other random dumb stuff is the core of “You think you do but you don’t.”

Classic has been great.

Only pet pieve I have is spell catching.

The biggest problems with Classic are due to the changes Blizz made.