Burning Crusade Discussion at BlizzConline 2021



Nicely done, Kaivax.


Man… I hope the character copy is affordable. $10 seems reasonable. $25… not so much.


Same. I’m also kinda hoping they provide an option to copy a whole server’s worth of characters. I have quite a few 60s.

You guys spent more time talking about content from 2007 than new content for WoW lol

Do we get dual spec in tbc? wish i got it in classic


Character Copy $49.99

One time Character Boost $59.99

I can see it already!


That’s because it was better. No pandas. No worgen… Much better!


Dual Spec was Wrath though :confused:

Didn’t it drop in the patch beflre the xpac? For some reason, I thought it did.

Nope. Patch 3.1, first content patch AFTER Wrath release


You and me both however what we can do is suggest it and keep suggest C nutt is the more we talk about it the more likely it’s going to happen

Would really please there be any option for the paid appearance change? No mentioned but really impossible? But do not want to see the name change or faction either. In terms of rpg personal taste, I would like to see this option even with more money than what would seem like.please help me change my looking !!!

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This is very high level, and I can already see a thousand forum posts have spawned from this information.

Some low level questions:

  1. You had mentioned some changes and referenced a couple of balance issues. Will most of your changes be this kind of change, or were you thinking of adding additional raid/quest content?

  2. How much will a character copy cost?
    For me, I basically want my character copied as a kind of time capsule. I don’t plan on ever playing it on classic again, unless BC goes terribly wrong. I wouldn’t want to pay too much for this service, though since it’s really just a novelty. $10, $15, maybe $25 but no more.

  3. Maybe this has been explained, will everyone get a one time character boost, or will it just be new accounts, or will it just be a paid service that can only apply one time? Now that I’ve said that it’s a paid service I imagine that no, we will not be getting one for free. How much will these cost?

  1. From the sound of it, only balance fixes along the lines of the Paladin change. Hopefully, that line will be solid.

  2. Nobody knows, probably not even Blizzard yet.

  3. Boosts will be a purchase option, 1 boost per account, no Draenei or Blood Elves. Again, price has not been announced, so knowing Blizzard it isn’t set yet.

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