Burning Crusade Classic Realm Consolidation August 9

Then go back to retail. No one wants anymore store crap ruining the game, even the boosts are already ruining the classic experience and the economy.

Kaivax, do you plan to add any more servers to the list being consolidated? Also, Are you considering additional free transfer destination realms?

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Dont do the paid service faction change plz. I seen it mentioned on this thread, get rid of transfers and boost for fresh realms permanently as well please.

Myzrael is dying. Please consider free transfers for the few remaining players left


Virtually ANYTHING is better than the clusterfk there is now…

There’s got to be some servers for the dead servers to move to. Myz is not nearly as dead as the ones listed here. Myz will have lots come Aug 9th

Rip to all these servers that were BOOMING in classic. May you rest in peppers.


There aren’t enough players to justify having more than 5 servers.

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agreed. 1 PvE and 1 PvP each for East and West, and then one RP for all.

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Any info on what realm we are consolidating into yet?


I’m still hoping they’ll open up more options for free transfers (PvP → PvE, for example.)

Also, they should free up some names from players who haven’t played in a while.

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That’s the dumbest thing I’ve read all day. Arguably, the megaservers should be split (I’d bet you can get 3 healthy servers out of each.)

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Faerlina and Bene are closing in on 30k and 3 10ks would be fine.

Even 4 7-8k servers would be fine.

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Even 5-6k is a lot of players.

Will there be more servers to choose to transfer too?
I was looking forward to consolidating my horde and alliance toons but my options are garbage.
They are either Oceanic or west coast which means I wont be able to schedule any group activities with people in other time zones, or they have 100% horde pop which would render my alliance toons useless.
Also can I please transfer to a PVE realm, I am tired of being ganked. PVE realms are literally PVP realms with warmode. as in you can toggle your pvp status on and off.
This is genuinely stopping me from playing the game as I feel any descension is a bad one.

wish i could transfer my shaman on Kromcrush to my current server, which i was under the impression i’d be able to. but as it stands now my choices are to go to Grobbulus, a server with 16k people but is an RP server, Earthfury (how the hell is this now on the list of dead realms when Ironforge shows it having a population of 38), Sulfuras with barely 1k population, and Yojamba.

but none of that matters because my chosen realm, mankrik, is not on the list of destinations so either i have to pay money to play my character, or i have to just ignore it even longer and just use the leveling boost to make a new shaman

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I agree 100%, this free transfer is useless, a huge disappointment. God only knows if we will be forced into a good server. hopefully one with active characters and not abandoned ones.
My main is also on Kromcrush

@Kaivax … What happened to the 2 week notice for TBC Brutal Arena Season ending? Are we still Ending the season Aug 9th?

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yup, poor management of server transfers by blizzard.

Earthfury server is dead… they offer free transfers… the options were
2x differ oceanic servers (i live east coast usa… why would i even consider this?)
1x completely DEAD server with barely any players on it
1x PVPRP… I have NEVER played on a RP server nor do I want to… but it was the only populated one and located on the west coast… now may ping is over double what it was.

Thanks for nothing blizzard

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Yeah I also live on the east and made a toon on a West coast server. Huge mistake all server / guild events didn’t start until 9:00 PM for me.

Simply put I wont play the game if its not on an East coast server.

My suggestion to Blizz is allow us to xfer to any server. I was eyeballing Windseeker as a good one, and it is not even close to being full. Or at least give us some info on what servers will be forced where.