Burning Crusade Classic: Phase 3 is Now Live

This Incubus pet….where did this thing come from? Is it better than a Succubus? More HP or Armor? Is it a dps increase? Is it like a Felguard?

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its just a male version of a succ

What time?

I raid on Tuesday and Thursday.

Now I will most likely end up missing a lockout due to obligations to Thursday guild unless the Tuesday guild waits till Sunday (highly unlikely).

Best part is you can only attune 25 people week 1 so you better well hope they can make all the off days due to a rediculous release day…

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As far as games ive played, ive never experienced a dev team that so consistently makes decisions that go against what they know their players want.


Is this the end of the world? BT will be out for months. It will be out for so long that people will be begging for Sunwell sooner rather than later.

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A decent chunk of our roster is unable to raid anything but our normal days. But I guess we have to make sure it’s a level playing field globally for the world firsts on 15 year old content that people have been clearing on the PTR for weeks already.


Lol so you think it’s fine if people literally don’t get to experience content week 1 simply due to a poor release date?

That makes no sense.


Why in the WORLD would you drop new raids on a Thursday? Literally every major guild on my server will miss out on at least half of their raid days because of this. I would like an honest explanation as to why this decision was made because I can’t fathom a reason for it.


from what i see generally on my server guilds raid tues /thursday.

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It isn’t a poor release date it’s poor adaptability on your part.

While Thursdays might not personally work for you, they may work a lot better for others.


They’re intentionally pissing off a ton of customers by releasing it two days into a lockout when they could easily release it on tuesday instead, why is it on players to compromise their schedules over blizzard releasing slightly earlier?


I know you won’t listen because you never do, but please just release it on tuesday so we don’t have to wait an extra week


Because it’s their game.


On the other hand, lockouts always reset on Tuesday and new patches are dropped on Tuesday as well. Them randomly deciding to change it when that’s how it’s always worked is just screwing with the expectations THEY set for their players, and seemingly for no reason.


THis is stupid, Blizzard. Literally wasting majority of guilds week 1 lockouts. I have never seen such incompetence from a game development company as I have from Blizzard throughout all of classic.


noone is running heroics either so you arent missing much.

Get out the wallet bud

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How about… get good?

Poor adaptability, how brain dead are you? People have jobs and responsibilities that make it so only certain days work for them. Which is fine because there are 7 days in a week… Unless you’re blizzard in which case there are only 5 apparently lol

To top it off they only give 2 weeks notice which isn’t enough notice for a lot of people to book time off even if they wanted to.


nope i refuse to pay for character trasnfer and i refuse to start all over again.

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