Burning Crusade Classic Patch Notes Version 2.5.3

Anyone else having issues with the TBC Classic 2.5.3 client crashing their Macbook Pro when launching the game?
Sometimes the game fails to launch and gives this code:
CommandLine Parse Error: psn_0_69649(0): Invalid argument: psn_0_69649

Sometimes launcging the game just outright causes my Mac to crash and reboot.
MAC OS Catalina
version 10.15.7 (19H1615)

Made a copy of this post and created a topic under Mac Technical Support forum


Is it safe to leave your Season 2 arena team before titles are handed out? I want to play with friends but don’t want to sit around 1 week doing nothing because I need to sit in my team and wait for titles.

Back in the days, titles used to be handed out with the start of the new season, is there a way you can expedite handing out titles so people can start their season 3 push?


Microsoft already breaking the Apple products :rofl:


Glad i could bake it Uther.

Use the internet instead of blizz having to spoon feed u all the information. They are patch notes aka a brief explanation of what’s being added fixed or removed not kaivaxs guide to the patch.

Orgrimmar by thrall

Jesus blizz needs to wait until the actual patch day to start releasing these notes my brain is hurting from the lack of will to actually understand that everything will be RELEASED NEXT WEEK!!!

r u under their wage bill by any chance? who struck a nerve with u? No reason to be vague say new items added to a few boss which nobody has a clue about

I’m sure if u search the internet u can find the information or wowhead or icy veins. If they are entering them in now they were entered in the original tbc.

Not even trying to look for the information just shows how entitled and lazy this playerbase has become.

and your replies show how much of an eliteest entitled brown nose p k u r

I’m sure if you would have spent a few minutes searching the internet you would have found that this information is not available anywhere on wowhead or icy veins.

Nobody has any clue what “new” items that will be dropped which is why several different people are asking for more info on this post.


Any word about the seed of corruption aoe cap bug that been in the game since release ?

Will the rep pvp gear be moved down from revered to honored?

Several others have called this out, but you need to send this bullet point back for a rework. What does additional drops mean? 1 extra? 2? 14? What new items are you referring to? Marks of the Illidari? What does some cases mean? Just for A’lar?

Are you guys adding Primal Nethers to the menu for badges of Justice?

why release a new raid on a thursday instead of reset day really stupid may as well spit in half of our faces.

No, they gave them overalls

There were certain items that were missing from their loot tables. It seems no one remembers everyone complaining about that shortly after P2 hit. I don’t remember if those items were initially added in a later patch in OG, but it seems we’ll get them now, maybe? I don’t remember any of the items off the top of my head because none of them were good for me, but I think one was something mages really want.

Would have been nice to be able to have a bit more time to prepare between the opening and raid time. :wink:

How many time this patch will take ? sry i dont see any information about that

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