Burning Crusade Classic Hotfixes – Updated August 16

So… you hand out SIX MONTH bans for abusing a flask bug in Ogri’la but you don’t hand out bans for abusing kiblers bit threat generation and abusing messed up pathing on what is supposed to be a prestigious achievement of killing one of the most difficult prenerf bosses for its time, making her a joke?

Yes you can say “oh mages abuse pathing all the time to do boost, etc” but there has to be a damn line drawn. These people knowingly abused these things to bypass the most difficult phase of Vashj. WTF lol.

Do you realize how stupid you look? Banning SIX months for a flask bug but people who did this get off scotch free. Yikes.

Blizz has no integrity, sad.

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Could you fix the pet food so it doesn’t apply to Priest’s Shadowfiend also?

Could you fix the pet food so it doesn’t apply to Priest’s Shadowfiend also? Not generating threat from feeding my Shadowfiend would be nice.

Have you tested to see if this is still the case? If so they need to fix it because then people will just abuse shadowfiend with kiblers as well? Not sure if 15s is enough time to abuse Kiblers though.

Is it that hard to choose your preferred gender when you created the character?

Here is the hotfix that went live in Burning Crusade Classic with this week’s maintenance:

OCTOBER 12, 2021

Burning Crusade Classic

  • All “pre-made” groups may now queue for Battlegrounds. Grouped players will primarily face opponents who queued in groups of similar sizes.
    • Developers’ note: With this change, the matchmaker will now match raid groups of 6 or more players against at least one group of 6 or more players. If the total number of players in your raid is smaller than the maximum size of the Battleground, the matchmaker will automatically fill your side with other groups or individuals. If there are no large pre-mades in the queue, party groups of 5 or fewer players will be placed against other parties of 5 or fewer players. Queuing alone or in small parties will not guarantee an opposing team with no large pre-mades.
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Where’s the hotfix to add Mark of the Illidari to SSC/TK

these need to be in now, not phase 3.



stop being lazy and go make/buy your flasks lmao

No, the whole point of these is to combat the gold sellers/buyers

To defend against having these in is to protect bots and gold buyers.

That’s not how this works

And your first response shouldn’t be to assume I don’t have gold, I have 45k but the issue is that these should be in to alleviate terocone prices. Terrokar forest has teleporting bots that freely move between terocone spawns.

The marks alleviate the consumption of mana thistle and terocones, thus reducing the efficiency of over-botting these two resources while reducing the effect of people feeling like they have to buy gold to consume.

Yeah making gold is easy but that shouldn’t stop making efforts to disrupt bot networks.

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They would disrupt bots if they cared, they are not hard to find. If they cared they would have done something by now. They clearly don’t. Marks will do nothing to combat bots and gold selling, just make flasks cheaper.

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Lol they fixed that kibler bug right away but still have bugs from day one ignored and let’s not mention all the bots.

When are large scale pre-mades going to be allowed in Retail? Retail is getting completely jacked over on all levels in pvp. Progress looked promising but now you spend an hour in a queue waiting for a bg. Give us large scale premades in Retail and you will find 90% of the people who unsubbed from the game will come back. We’ve been telling you people this for 17 danged years!!!

And when are u gonna fix the dead servers?

just transfer bro

Every week that passes where Mark of the Illidari isn’t on the trash loot table of SSC/TK is another week of Blizzard promoting goldselling/goldbuying


Hello! Here is the hotfix from today for Burning Crusade Classic:

NOVEMBER 1, 2021

Burning Crusade Classic

  • Fixed an issue with the quest “Helboar, the Other White Meat” that caused an extra Tainted Helboar Meat to be consumed.

Yet, Succubae are still dying standing up…