Burning Crusade Classic Hotfixes – Updated August 16

Rank 4 mage armor is still broken. It’s not giving mana regen while casting.


Not giving credit for feral druids. Lose buff once you change forms


JUNE 10, 2021

Burning Crusade Classic

  • Rift Keepers in The Black Morass once again grant Keepers of Time reputation up until Exalted.
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PLS FIX Prayer of mending. Spell just doesnt work right after JUNE 8 patch.
+Doesnt heal if u are alone
+Disappear when jumps on friendy npc, shadowfiend etc.
+Should be able to cast on friendly non party mambers.

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Please allow us to use our old CE pets across Battle.net in TBC Classic/WoW Classic. It really hurts so bad not being able to use our old pets without paying to play on an old license. Some players didn’t even know this would be a policy before tbc was announced.

Here are today’s hotfixes to Burning Crusade Classic.

JUNE 11, 2021

Burning Crusade Classic

  • Implemented settings changes intended to lower the time it takes to search the Auction House.

  • Players who list, bid, buy out, or cancel a very large number of auctions may now incur a delay between consecutive actions.

  • Black Qiraji Resonating Crystal is no longer on the global cooldown.

  • The events told in Medivh’s Journal for “The Master’s Terrace” can now be replayed.

  • Fixed an issue where Nightbane can exit combat during the Karazhan raid encounter.

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has he ? cos he still isnt there for me

Please fix the guards in area 52, Holy crap.

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Please look into honor gains, it feels horrible to get so little bonus honor from battlegrounds. I spent like 45 minutes in a warsong gulch and only gained like 300-500 honor total, and the bonus was only about 120 of that. This is completely unreasonable with the honor set costing like 225k total honor… legitimately considering just going into arena without honor gear and just getting arena gear instead.

also, why is everything 3000-5000 honor more expensive from the vendors on live compared to the beta…? You guys didn’t say anything about increasing the costs of the honor gear. What the hell.

Love what you’ve done with the place

Are you um… not gonna fix Honor gains in PVP? Like where is the blue post on the “Oh shoot we just realized its silly for a 200 hour grind for starter blue pvp gear… OUR BAD!”

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I would honestly be ok with Blizzard revealing plans for honor bundles in the store at this point… Sorry I dont have 200+ hours to grind out a STARTER BLUE PVP set by Tuesday lol

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Savory delight breaks when you shift on Druid now :frowning:

I’m so sad about this

We have multiple threads about talent hit rating not working, yet no blue posts addressing this. Looks like this has been a known issue since the beta. Do we have any word on this? Particularly, my issue is happening with Shaman dual wield specialization not reflected in hit in the window, and in testing does not seem to work.

This has not been fixed. This happened to us last night. He froze up and was unable to be targeted. Instantly killed me with a melee that hit for 27k then flew away.

Here are the hotfixes that went live in Burning Crusade Classic today. :slight_smile:

JUNE 14, 2021

Burning Crusade Classic

  • Priest’s Prayer of Mending now displays on the Raid-style party frames.
  • The Alliance now receive the correct amount of bonus honor in Eye of the Storm.
  • Flag captures in Eye of the Storm no longer grant bonus honor, true to 2.4.3 behavior.
  • The Jewelcrafting design patterns for Don Julio’s Heart and Crimson Sun are now available on Consortium vendors.
  • Fixed an issue where Rested would sometimes become active outside of a rest area.
  • Fixed an issue where quest givers can fail to offer the Call to Arms daily if it was for Arathi Basin.

its getting there

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Worlddefense channel still not working.

Halaa battle tokens still not dropping.

Please fix Dissension Amongst the Ranks for feral druids already. There’s zero excuse why this bug hasn’t been addressed yet…