Burning Crusade Classic Arena Match Making System

I’ve sort of been wondering what that thing is. I’m out of the loop with the latest retail stuff. I figured WoW was just moving toward the furry stuff now and got scared to google it because of what it may show me.

Ratchet and Clank

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My guess is some WoW arena spamming streamers were raising questions, and we get the answer here.

Why not just make teams start at 1500 like they’re suppose to?



They don’t care about how fun something will be

They only are looking to better setup ways to monetize it

Thats all they do at blizzard every second because quotas yo.

But then you wouldn’t be playing as much :frowning_face:

This doesn’t sound like the way it was in BC…

So to get 2000 rating, i need to intentionally lose 100+ games and then make new arena team with my friend that did the same and every person we get matched will be trash players.

Got it.

Now revert the starting arena rating back to 1500 like it is supposed to be and stop messing with what was a successful expansion.


If it starts at 0, wont it be harder to get higher ratings now? Apparently even at 1.8 rating now it would take 6months to obtain a full arena set.

I saw “match making” and immediately thought we were getting an LFG finally.

Oh well. Happy to see any kind of community engagement from blizzard tbh. At least were getting more involvement that retail does.

wow, ^^^, just wow man.

Maybe if you’re 12.

Those are player created problems.

Literally nobody talking about arena MMR Buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut

100 Daily post about how awful honor gains with people quitting left and right. Arena is going to be dead pretty soon at this rate.

I’d love a post on the BG queues dilemma Kaivax :slight_smile:

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