Bungie Owns Their Company Once Again!


Blizzard are you going to step up and take back what’s yours??? Because Bungie sure as heck did!! Pathetic that WoW became the WoW killer. Back to enjoying other games…it’s been real…it’s been “fun”…but not anymore…I’m outs!

(Brutalistica) #2

They did a fusion dance and merged together…forever. It will be extremely hard to break away from that bond.

(Cavorite) #3

You’re 24h late.


Better late then never :partying_face:

(Blôôdvalor) #5

The only fusion that lasts forever is by using the Potara (if you are a Kai). The dance is only temporary fusion (10 minutes I think)

(Nzhuv) #6

Are you guys fans of Destiny?

(Brutalistica) #7

Well they are gods to their products so yeah :stuck_out_tongue:

(Vaeana) #8

They always owned their company. They ended a 10 year publishing deal with Activision.


They’re much better off. I’m happy for Bungie. Activision doesn’t know what the hell they’re doing in the gaming industry. /moo

I heard there was a celebration lol

(Ralanthel) #10

There is a difference, Bungie became independent from Microsoft and made a publishing deal with Activision to help get the game off the ground. Activision actually bought Blizzard so the two companies are basically one company now.

tl;dr Activision had rights to Bungie’s IP, not ownership of the company.


Please don’t muddy the water with facts. OP is pontificating! :wink:

(Bluspacecow) #12

No they only had publishing rights. While the contract allowed them to have directors on Bungie projects they never actually owned rights to Bungie’s IP.

(Enkki) #13

There you go – tossing FACTS into the mix. That won’t get you very far around here, y’know? This is GD; there’s no room for facts, proof, evidence.

Here … have a snack while you rethink this. :hamburger::beer:


How dare you inject facts into general


I am not so sure about that. I mean they have the rights to Destiny but I do not think they have the funding to maintain an MMORPG. Remember part of the reason everyone turned to microtransactions is because making games is getting more expensive.

I hate to say it but I think Bungie is going to end up like Telltale games.

Also TBH this actually may benefit Blizzard right now Bungie is in a Copryright dispute with World Inc and splitting from Blizzard took away something that World Inc could use against them.

You see World Inc went after Blizzard first and Blizzard lost BUT if Bungie wins then Blizzard can possibly dispute World Inc’s copyright claim and actually win this time.

(Kirela) #16

What if… Bungie didn’t leave Activision, but Activision kicked them to the curb?

(Hamstar) #17

Both sides seemed unhappy with each other. Bungie was unhappy with Activision pushing their annual release schedule on them and Activision was unhappy that Destiny 2 wasn’t performing as well as they would have liked.


Bungie is now free to do whatever they want.

That includes working on a project that may turn out kind of like the original Halo or Halo 2.

I think they will do much better now that they are unfettered.


Except Bungie never had anything to do with Blizzard. Bungie’s deal was with Activision and contrary to popular belief Activision doesn’t own or have anything to do with Blizzard, they are just both owned by the same holding company.

The only reason Destiny 2 is on Battlenet is the same reason CoD is, the holding company that owns Activision and Blizzard didn’t want to waste money making a new online service for Activision when Blizz already had one.


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