Bungie Dumps Activision. BLIZZARD GO!


Well there you have it folks, we just watched a great gaming company completely destroy itself, it took a little while but GG Blizzard.

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You could also add this little gem:


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Which was like I said … 5 years ago. Much of those shares have been sold off (the $8.2 biliion is a debt to the company which the company current has down to $4.2 billion)

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You need to read more.

Because yeah. Boy are you not there yet.


Sorry dear; I remember all too well the Great WoD Flight Riots; many ‘greens’ were there and laying it into Blizzard, along with the rest of us.
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Wow, looks like there is no end to this rabbit hole. :dizzy_face:
It will be very interesting to see what comes from that lawsuit.

Where there is smoke… (there is usually a burning raging dumpster fire)


Your right Bungie jumping ship hurt Blizzard’s stock but lets look at the big picture.

Even though Blizzard’s stock took a hit it is still the SECOND highest game design company out there. Higher than CD Project Red, Higher, than Ubisoft, Higher than Konami, higher than Square Enix (you know the one that made FFXIV that everyone says is killing WoW)

Ya know the one company that has higher stock than Activision Blizzard …EA …yes the company labeled the “Worst Company in the World” is the only stock that is higher than Activison Blizzard.

So don’t sit there and say stock prices mean that much.

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Maybe Blizzard should buy activision, then all activision games can benifit. Blizz need a gofundme hahaha

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there is no blizzard, there is only zuul! - I mean activisionblizzard!


Since the other games have no relevance to tjhis company’s stocks, I’ll simply move on.
Yes, I will too say ‘Stock prices mean that much’. Besides being the playtoy of the rich, they are a valuable indicator of investor confidence levels: right now, there is over-all lack of such in the markets as a whole. With Blizzard under fire like never before, what with execs leaving and the various products being blasted to smithereens by the gaming community, I’d say the stocks are going to continue to show volatility.

That’s fancy talk for ‘this stock is in trouble’, just so you know.
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Correct me if I am wrong but Blizzard lost key vanilla employeees due to creative differences. They went off to make that similar game; forget the name… but what was left before merger made Cata I think.

My point is: if the shoe fits, wear it Bliz…

A company remains the name; but the people change… the quality and uniqueness a person can bring impacts each significantly.

Deadlines didn’t stop E.T. From being the best Atari game of all time! Nor did it reduce the amazing bug-free devault 76!

I just can’t wait for Immortal Blades of Diablo to come out for my phone, since I have a phone! You guys don’t have phones???

Hah Early April Fools folks!!


Sadly, it’s shown. A mass exodus of people from Blizzard to other companies has come about as a direct result of Blizzard practices since merging with Activision (there’s even a top Reddit post detailing a lot of these reasons, coupled with a top comment on said post from a former Blizzard employee talking about how the work environment has changed for the worse).

We’re no longer customers to Blizzard…we’re numbers…dollars, KPIs, Tickets per Hour, etc. This is shown by how certain things are automated and by the way that you are no longer actually treated like a customer when you reach out to them for support.

I grew up loving Blizzard games. I still love the original Starcraft, the first two Diablo games blew me away, I preordered the third and actually liked it despite everybody saying it was garbage, have loved and played WoW since late Burning Crusade.

WoD was bad, and broke many. Legion I actually thought was pretty good, and then BFA somehow managed to make everything good about Legion bad as well. Still I clung to a sub in hopes that the game might improve if I just threw Blizzard more of my money.

…then today I had the worst possible interaction with customer service…and I realized…the Blizzard I knew and loved…is dead. This new thing pretending to be Blizzard is not worth my money, your money, or anybody’s really.


Most of the talented people left Blizzard long ago. I think we only have Jeff now, in terms of the old guard. Blizzard leaving Activision at this point would just create two Activisions, but one would have a really good art department.

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Good we can get it off our launcher.


And I am not denying that it took a hit but in the end Activison/Blizzard still has the second highest stock of the gaming companies in the market.

Point difference does not matter first is still first and second is still second…

Now if it drops from second to third then I would be worried.


Activision and Blizzard are still seperate entities; all the merger does is combine their stocks. Even Yth had to step in and clarify this; the mass hysteria has gotten so bad.

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In much the same way that Chevrolet, Buick, and Cadillac are separate entities

Admittedly the hysteria is ridiculous, but whether or not we agree completely on the facts, don’t think facts will convince the hysterical.

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They are only lateral in the strict legal sense. If you honestly believe they are truly lateral in practice you are monumentally naive.


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Kaplan? Sorry bud Kaplan ditched as well. Oh he’s still with Blizzard just not WoW. He was at Overwatch for a while until he became Vice President of Blizzard Entertainment so his day to day interaction with dev teams is likely close to zero.