[Bulwark of Righteous Fury] or [The Magistrate's Judgment] after we get our full tier set?

Seems like all those free judgments will be really strong so will [The Magistrate’s Judgment] become the new pro legendary?

If the internal cd of the 4 piece is 1s (like it currently is on ptr) thats going to be a judgment per second on aoe. The 87 HP / minute with magistrates. With Bulwark if you get lets say every 10 seconds you max buff SOTR (which is generous) it would be the equivalent of 87 HP /minute as well. Sooo yeah I think in genral magistrates will end up being better in most situations although during DT the burst with bulwark will be broken.

Edit: I didnt take DP into account which actually leans it even more towards MJ over Bulwark. Doesn’t change anything else I said though. MJ will be more consistent and better except for monster burst during DT/resonance with Bulwark.