Building Azeroth: The Wrathgate

Building Azeroth: The Wrathgate

In our third episode of Building Azeroth, discover more about the Wrathgate In-Game Cinematic and how it changed the future of storytelling in WoW.

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Wrath gate was definitely one of my favourite parts about wrath at the time.


Are you going to introduce a ghostly shadow form of the Jailer at Wrathgate?


Now link the video where the devs build RDF back into WotLK.


That’s neat.

Can we start getting some Blue replies on server health status on some of the lock/unlock realms now?

Perhaps reply to some player concerns in the forums?

Maybe those 800 positions Blizzard cut in 2019 wasn’t such a good idea.


Posting a blue post knowing full well that the forums are on fire needing answers to the RDF question and the queues is so shady, please just address it


They have addressed this multiple times and they announce updates to server lockouts and xfers as they come up

They’ve had unannounced servers locked recently they haven’t addressed and people are struggling with free-transfers not going through with some of the options available that hasn’t been addressed in a few days.

Cinematic is cool and all but when do we get OG classic armory/website, something that we will actually use instead of being forced to use third party websites for rankings.


Nobody cares about this can you add dungeon finder back to wrath classic please


The Wrathgate was amazing Blizzard, especially Putress’s debut! I hope you guys are still hard at work returning the Zombie Plague to live and fresh servers in honor of his name!

This is just insulting.

How about you focus time on unlocking servers so our friends can play with us and add RDF back like it was in original wrath.

We dont want retail wrath, f#%^ off acti-blizz


back then the story was the main focus and being forced to do machinima kept things very grounded i think as a post to nowadays it all feels very disconnected

they already answered RDF. the answer was no

Nobody cares about your little Classic playground.

Learning that the fire was the vehicle and the dragon was the passenger, now that was funny!

Rrrrreeeeaaallllyyyyy trying to play on that nostalgia, huh?

what RDF question? There was no question. It’s been removed.

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