Bugged bodyguard...he's missing again!

Bugged bodyguard: I chose Farseer Ori but he totally disappeared, not dead.

He never showed back up. So I dismissed him using the buff icon on my screen then reacquired him…but he still failed to show up.

You need to fix this body guard disappearing problem.

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Having a similar problem with the same bodyguard — acquired him, flew down to Wreck of the Old Blanchy, but while Ori accompanied me there, he wouldn’t follow me afterward. Tried flying back to Mezzamere, then logging out and back in, but I never saw Ori again.

SAME PROBLEM >>Bugged bodyguard: Farseer Ori for some reason tends to stop doing anything and occasionally totally disappears.

The last time this happened I had to completely reset my pc and restart the game for him to show back up.

BUT, he’s useless to me …he just stands there doing nothing while I am in combat and need his help.


NOTE: I’ve been submitting an in-game bug report on this each time it has happened, as well as submitting it here on the bug forums.

Bliz you need to fix your bugs…its getting annoying. Especially since we need to get our rep up on these individuals …not working as intended !

Follow up: I quit, logged back in to a different toon, played for a bit, quit, then logged back into my main. No Ori. Dismissed him by right-clicking, re-picked him, but no Ori. Flew back to Old Blanchy, and found Ori sitting down. He stood up when I approached, but still wouldn’t follow. :-/

NEW ENTRY: Bugged bodyguard Farseer Ori has totally disappeared (again). I took flight point to Hirano flight master in Kai’methir Citadel…Ori never made it…he’s lost AGAIN.


New follow-up. I dismissed Ori again and thought to pick a different bodyguard, but found that I couldn’t, having already picked Ori for the day. So I repicked him a third time and flew back to Blanchy. After spending a few minutes looking at the map, I found Ori standing next to me, functioning once more. Not sure if picking him again is what did it, but I’m glad he’s back. Still, yeesh.

Well, it was fun while it lasted, but Ori’s slipped back into his coma and refuses to follow me around again. :-/

Bumping this up …please have someone check this bodyguard issue.

UPDATE: Bugged Farseer Ori…has stopped dead in his tracks and refused to accompany me. He’s just standing at the top of the hill as I ride away.


I selected Farseer Ori today after using Inowari exclusively 'til this point (now Rank 19). Ori just stands around and doesn’t attack or follow. If I fly out of range it’ll respawn in the air (unmounted) and just stand there.

Same problem with Ori yesterday. Today, I picked a different follower and had no problems.

Someone needs to fire Ori and hire a replacement who won’t go AWOL.

Same problem. Exiting game and then dismissing him and recruiting him again fixed the problem for me though.

I gave up on Ori and chose the hunter instead. He’s working just fine. I also know that the bladesman works well too…I’ve gotten both to level 4 and am working on lvl 5.

I’m having the same issue. Ori is worthless atm. Just an xp sponge, I feel like I’m stuck in a dungeon with an AFK player. The true WoW experience! Seriously though, please fix this. I miss Akana already.


Same issue with me today. First time in Naz. Picked Ori and have been having issues with him all day. Finally, after resummoning him he just sits in his spot by the fire and won’t do anything. Giving up. Guess I’ll try someone else tomorrow.

4 days later and I’m still having this problem with Farseer Ori. Blizz please

Same issue. Ori just stands there as I’m getting wrecked by local mobs.

Ok, I thought I would try Ori again hoping he had been fixed…but he hasn’t been.

So I have Bugged bodyguard Farseer Ori again, in-game. At 9pm EST tonight, I went up the hill from the Wreck of the Old Blanchy flight point and he is still in front of the flight master.

And to make matters worse, when I use my Feign Death function, my cat plays dead but Farseer Ori continues fighting then dies.

Then again at 10:03pm EST tonight I fly to Mezzamere from the Gate of the Queen flight point only to lose him again. Its been about 5mins now and he is still MIA after I turned in one of my quests here.

So Bliz really needs to address this bodyguard disappearing or not working as the other two are. I think after tonight I shall leave Ori to his own devices and move on to use the other two instead. Ori can pound sand all he wants…by himself.