BUG: still NOT FIXED - Dismissed pets keep reappearing


I’m having this issue as well. happens every time i dismount. only way i can prevent it from happening is taking the Lonely Winter talent.

Dismissed hunter pet Auto re spawning
(Moused) #16

Come on Blizzard fix this issue with our pets…it shouldn’t take this long to fix…

(Kneeshooter) #17

Just noticed this happening on my pet, and a warlock in chat noted it happening for their pets.

Why is this not fixed yet, we’ve had bug fixes recently haven’t we?

(Friedbones) #18

I’ve not seen any response from the Community Managers nor have I seen any notification from Bliz that they are even looking into this problem.

I have started to bug report it IN-GAME every time I have it happen on my pet toons. Perhaps if they receive enough of those in-game bug reports of the same thing, they will finally do something about it.


Noticed this after the 8.1.5 patch went live and submitted an in-game bug report. I agree, it’s annoying as i like to go demon-free while in town.


This has become very annoying , was taming terropene yesterday , dismissed pet , flew to location , started tame , pet reappears killed terropene .

Hotfixes - Updated September 10 2019
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Bumping this for more attention. Come on Bliz fix this mess.

April 2nd update: STILL A PROBLEM……even after today’s update patch…my pets reappear after they have been dismissed.



been having the same issue, i can’t really use my warlock to do achievement since the damn pets keep reappearing, only solution is to play affliction and go grim of sac… spaguetti code at its best

(Friedbones) #23

I actually do play Affliction and use my dog a lot for the interrupt it has…but have a separate attack key setup so that I can just hit that for each target I acquire so the dog does what I want him to do. Same for the imp.

As for my Voidie, I just set him on protect me and he mashes anything that attacks me…which can be a help in open world when I am soloing. Otherwise its a pain to have to micro manage them when they used to work just fine with the skills Bliz put into place on the pet bars to begin with.

So Bliz is shooting its own code in the foot with these bugs.


This is still happening?! Why is this even a thing??!!

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I have to ask: Is this happening to all specs, or only those with pet dependence built in (BM hunter, Demo lock, etc.). Neither this toon (MM hunter) nor my warlock alt (Destro) have ever seen this. I count on Lone Wolf for any setting in which I don’t want my pet tanking, and I’ve never had a pet undismiss itself.

Not saying “works for me, lol”. Just seeking insight the devs might use to isolate the issue faster, because they sure haven’t seemed to be in a hurry thus far.


still bugged as of 4-5-19

(Friedbones) #28

I suggest you report it in-game using the bug report option. I’m doing that every single time it happens.

My hope is that someone will get tired of all the bug reports on the same thing and actually do something about it.


Yes, this also happens for me on my MM hunter but here’s the trick. If the first pet I can call is Exotic, then this bug does not happen on my MM because they can’t command exotic pets. However if the first pet is normal then just like my BM hunter it gets summoned automatically.
So in order to circumvent this bug, I have been playing my MM since the patch and making sure my first pet is exotic and second is normal, the latter I can call if I need to.

(Friedbones) #30

Unfortunately my exotic hunter pet still had this problem.

However, last night I did some emissary quests on my lock and tested the pet dismissal again. Low and behold the bug did not reappear…so its just possible Bliz did a ninja fix behind the scene.

Today will be another test. I’ll be playing on all my toons who have pets and we shall see if it is truly fixed…I hope so.

Update: now its 5 hrs after I posted this last note…this bug is still not fixed.!!!

Dismissed pets STILL reappearing after dismissal. I dismissed my void walker, turned in a quest then ported back to Boralus. Just fine, but then I mounted up and ran across the area to the bank and the voidie reappeared after I dismounted.


FFS, I just resubbed 20 min ago to experience this ridiculous bug.

Why did I come back?

Fix this damn bug, seriously…

Edit: I just created a ticket demanding my money back. If I do not get my money back I will never buy another activision/blizzard game.

The amount of bugs I have experienced in BFA have been completely unacceptable.

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Beta For Azeroth


ugh, for those of you saying when it happens??? What? I can repeat this 100% every single time i mount and dismount, it’s not a 50/50 chance or anything, it just happens every time and it happens on both my lock and hunter on all three specs.

(Friedbones) #34

AGAIN!!! Bliz you need to fix this problem. I just dismissed my void walker in Boralus, turned in my table quests then went to the flight master for a flight out to Seeker’s Vista in Stormsong Valley…but just as soon as I landed, my void walker showed up…I DID NOT SUMMON HIM…he just showed up.


(Moused) #35

Come on Blizzard Dev get your act right…we need this bug fixed…you got 4 different pet classes having this issue…