BUG: Race change on newly created but not logged in characters

I’d submit this to the beta, but since I’m not in beta, the forum is blocked for me. This bug was found on the Shadowlands Pre-Patch PTR, though, and is too difficult to condense down to the size of a tweet.

Steps to recreate:

  1. Create a new allied race character. (In my case, I created a Kul Tiran druid).
  2. DO NOT log the character in.
  3. Perform a race change to a standard race.
  4. Confirm the new race.
  5. Log in the character.


The race change seemed to apparently succeed, as the character now appeared in the Character Selection screen as a Worgen. However, the level was reduced to level 1 and a subsequent attempt to race change generated a message that I needed to log the character in first to complete the race change.

Upon logging in, I watched the introduction video for Worgen, but when the video ended, I found myself in Boralus, as the Worgen I created, reduced to level 1 (from the Allied Race starting level 10). I was also geared with level 10 starter gear, all apparently broken because I didn’t meet the requirements for the gear.

A subsequent race change back to Kul Tiran left me at level 1, in Boralus, with no access to the Stormwind portal, no quest to go to Stormwind.

Secondary Experiment:

I created another Kul Tiran druid, but this time I logged her in. After logging her out, I performed a race change to Worgen. This time, the character stayed at level 10 but remained in Boralus harbor.

Tertiary Experiment:

This time, I created a Night Elf druid and chose the Exile's Reach starter experience. Before logging in, I did a race change to Kul Tiran and was immediately bumped to level 10. Upon logging in, I watched the intro video for Kul Tiran, then found myself at level 10 as a Kul Tiran on the deck of the ship going to Exile's Reach.

Quaternary Experiment:

Next, I created a Worgen druid and chose Gilneas City starter experience. The option to perform a race change was disabled due to quests not completed.

Quinary Experience:

Finally, I created a Worgen druid and chose the Exile's Reach starter experience. I was able to race change to Kul Tiran and was level 10 in the Exile's Reach starter zone.


First, I'd expect that, if I haven't logged in the character in the first place, I shouldn't be able to perform a race change on it.


If a player chooses Exile's Reach as their starter experience, they should not be allowed to race or faction change until they have completed the starter zone and found themselves in the main city.

Most, if not all, allied races have a starter quest chain that leads them to the main city of their adopted faction. These should be required before race/faction changes are allowed.

I’m going to skip to this, I’m thinking the normal game restrictions aren’t in place on Beta/PTR as it randomly hands out appearance, race, and faction changes willy nilly. Normally you can’t race change a character below a certain level, I believe its around 15 or 20, on Live servers; faction change I’m not entirely sure on, but I think it too has a minimum level requirement as well.

That’s a good point; I hadn’t considered that Live has level restrictions on making race changes.

From my understanding, though, Live allows race changes on Allied races at level 20, which is their starting level, so it may be possible that this bug happens on Live (but I’m not paying to test a potential bug).

With the level squish, I’m not sure what level ranges they would set, or if they would define an automatic level 10 for all races (which is most likely). Since all races can do Exile’s Reach, I’m assuming that doing a race change during the starter experience won’t have any impact, but it’s still something that I believe should be investigated and perhaps locked down for safety.