Bug farming is kinda cut throat

I love it!


I’ve changed my mind. It shouldn’t surprise me that the modern gaming community managed to destroy this event for members of their own faction.

It’s fairly disappointing.

Welcome has been openly advertising on the Horde to pay us to camp you all.

Which is really unfortunate. I used to like them.


In the spirit of fairness and even though they are currently engaging in scum bag behavior and I am quite annoyed with them right now, I would appreciate screen shots.

Trust me, I’m inclined to believe you without them; but I’d still like to see it.

Pay more then?

Wherever I go in game, I’m usually killed by Horde. It’s a given. I’ve adapted my play style to compensate and continue to enjoy the game

Of course I stil get frustrated sometimes when I’m mobbed but that passes

However, the progressive Faction Griefing by the Alliance has really disappointed me. I was so looking forward to this whole event as a first time experience. I was prepared to fight the Horde.

I didn’t expect that my own faction would be the more challenging enemy.

It’s a bit disappointing.

If this is true it might be time to organize a blacklisting. It worked on that horde guild that transfered in, I forget their name though

Yea - you think blizz would have done something, increase spawn rates, add layering back in, change or increase the war effort mats…

But again, the Min/Maxers have struck, and are using questionable tactics, as mentioned above.

Unfortunately minmaxers have pretty much torpedoed the entire “classic experience.” Either that or this has just highlighted the time /played = win formula even more than it had previously. Regardless, they usually go hand in hand.

Classic community is the worst part of the game. And I fully suspect TBC will be even worse

It’s like the epitome of the F U got mine mentality that’s ruining most gaming communities

questionable tactics?

the ability to no life in a video game the best known tactic known to nerds.

Everyone expects scarab lord to be a participation trophy that you just get if you put in the time. Classic is absolutely brutal when it comes to achievements like this. You will not get it unless you are cut throat. It’s a sad reality but unless you’re willing to push your own faction out of a hive it isn’t happening.


This is a bit extreme, and I genuinely have always had positive interactions with the guys in question. No, I don’t think this would even make a difference. Guilds are largely self sufficient enough these days to outlast outrage.

This was definitely an eye opener.

Lesson learned, but it doesn’t detract from how demoralizing this has been.

Most of the posters in here must be fairly new to WoW or didnt play vanilla WoW.

Scarab Lord was never meant for you. Or your guild. It is an absolute hell of a grind that only the most prepared no-lifers can undertake. I mean no offense but seeing some of these alliance guild tags in here… you never had any shot at Scarab Lord. My guild, despite being one of the top Horde, knew this and didnt even bother trying for it.

Sorry but that’s just the cold and harsh truth. Now go farm some linen cloth.

You’re just putting ScarabLord on a Pedestal

‘’ With 100% perfect saturation, instantaneous kill times, no pvp, and assuming not a single carapace is wasted on people turning them in and later abandoning the grind, a server can produce a maximum of about 9 mounts per week.’’

Yeah good luck being among these 9 dudes, The Classic Experience.

Edit: That is if the War Effort isnt purposely delayed for weeks.

Did people really expect some kumbaya jerk-sesh where everyone gets an even split of the tags, no pvp happens, and the first to complete delays the opening until everyone else gives their blessing?

Thats a good point. I haven’t seen the paying to camp us personally, only what’s been said in this thread. I’m just saying if it is true that’s pretty bad. Ruining the experience for you own faction is a scumbag move no matter how you slice it.

Who needs the luck again?

I appreciate your input, but I feel like minimizing the behavior of players during this event simply contributes to the toxicity that is pissing people off.