Bug Encountered during Torghast

Resto Druid, Night Fae, Dreamweaver (with Podtender ability).

I tried to charge at something as a bear through some spikes, killing me instantly, but proccing the podtender ability. I died during the podtender ability. I released my spirit, and it brought me back to the entrance of Torghast, but now it says I am stunned. Reload UI did not work, Relog did not work, Stuck Character did not work. Currently awaiting the CD of Podtender to see if that is what is causing me to be stuck.

EDIT: Emotes still appear to work

EDIT 2: After 10min CD is done, I am still perma stunned.

Edit 3: PVP trinket did not fix the stun either. No debuffs, or buffs. Tried exiting game, and logging back in. Only thing left for me to try is for my teammates to finish the Torghast run, and see if that fixes anything.


I had the same problem today - died inside pod, took about 15 minutes to clear on it’s own. Multiple reloads/logout/logins, nothing specific that fixed it.

Same thing happened to me a few minutes ago. I tried the unstuck option, it brought me back near Orgrimmar but still stunned.

Also just had this happen in Torghast, with Podtender. Quite stuck until party member dragged a mob half across the level to kill me after 15mins. :expressionless:

Same thing happened to me just now. Feral tank druid. After pod saved me i died and came back stunned. Unstuck myself, took me to westfall, still stunned. Disabled all add ons…still stunned. took a couple hours before i could move. Annoying as heck.

basically u need to leave instance group and have a friend duel you and kill you to break you out. thats how i got my druid friend outa it

This has happened to be twice in the last twenty-four hours now.

Just happened to me now, had to use the character unstuck option, once done i was able to move again when i logged back in.

Just happened to me as well. Same scenario. Was on floor 5…? FFS.

I am trying unstuck now as nothing seemed to work. I will edit this if unstuck service solves the problem.

I am pleased with the expansion but how does something like this make it past testing? Pretty frustrating considering people have to restart their torghast instance.

*Edit: Character unstuck fixed the issue. Back to torghast I go…

Just happened to me on floor 5 :-/

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3 weeks later, this is still happening. Just happened to me on layer 8 floor 5. first death. good times.

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This exact scenario happened to me twice during Torghast, level 8 today. Died in cocoon, perma stunned, had to teleport out and use the unstuck teleport to Durotar. Very frustrating and wasted an hour and a half of my time.

Edit: Cannot use auto unstuck for another 7 hours. So basically I cannot play at all…

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Still happening… -__-

I didn’t get stuck but boss to go up to level 6 stuck in evade mode… Died jumping over the edge still nothing… and then tried it again instead of boss stuck in evade to go to level 6 I died falling off the edge my fault moving over the edge from fear but the mobs spawned where you get re spawned and got killed over and over… They gotta fix this bugs…

Waited like 15-20 minutes, logged out and back in and was unstuck

Still happening … :pensive: This really hurts on floor five yo.

Same thing just happened to me. Potender seed. 5th floor layer 7. 1st death.

floor 17. After 2h. I`m glad this is a free game. Oh wait…


Karma is finally catching up for using a 10m CD in arenas.

bug still not fixed lmfao just happened to me on floor 17. what can you do small indie game dev

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