Buffs aren't stacking (stealth change or bug?)

Through thorough testing, we have figured out that a new limitation has been placed on stackable buffs.

For example, while Rallying Cry of the Dragonslayer is active, it is no longer possible to use Juju Might or Winterfall Firewater to gain their attack power bonuses. It is also not possible to use Elixir of the Mongoose or Elemental Sharpening Stones to receive extra critical strike bonuses.


Hi Eggerwhat,

We are aware of this issue and it is definitely not intended. This bug was introduced as part of another fix we deployed yesterday for performance issues related to Rallying Cry of the Dragonslayer.

We are working on a hotfix to resolve this now and we hope to have it deployed very soon.

Thank you for the reports!


Rallying Cry of the Dragonslayer is also only applying the Attack Power buff to Melee Attack Power and not Ranged Attack Power.


Same with DM N buff

Can we get refunds on consumes? Asking for a friend.


thats not a bug. all ap buffs are only melee ap

Explain Trueshot Aura then? Or +attack power items granting ranged attack power? Or buffs from trinkets like Jom Gabbar?
Dragonslayer + DM trib + Jujus etc are bugged, or their tooltips are flat out wrong and misleading.

Did you play in vanilla or read old patch notes?
2.01 changed buffs and items to give ranged attack power that only gave attack power. They are two different stats when given from buffs and not gear.

Cool, while you’re at it, you could totally fix the century long bug of the attack power buffs from dire maul and rallying cry not working for us Hunters.

I am inclined to think this may not have been intended as the tooltips would suggest. It also explains hunters horrible scaling in later tiers. I am aware this wasn’t fixed until TBC but as with some other unintended bugs that did exist in classic blizzard has decided to change I guess it’s up to blizzards discretion to fix it or not.

It is quite a confusing thing to have a stat name mean 2 things without specifying which it applies to, leaving people to search 3rd party info to know or trial and error. It clearly wasn’t as the original creators intended. Therefore it is a bug, whether or not it’s a bug they want to stick to is the question. I imagine they may be concerned about the #nochanges backlash if they do. I for one hope they choose to as it would make the class more viable in the raiding scene and promote raids to have more then then warriors / rogue / mage stacking.


gear still gives both AP, just not Wbuffs and consumes.

That’s exactly what I’m saying. If you are refering to scaling differences unbuffed? Well the gap actually is fairly close if there is no external buffs for the alliance atleast.

Currently Hunters unbuffed vs all other unbuffed classes should top dps on most occasions. This is the same for later game. It is only when you get to the difficult tiers or speed runs that you actually see people stacking these OP world buffs and numerous consumes.

Atleast that was my experience in vanilla. That is when you see a big gap forming between warriors, rogues and mages compared to hunters.


Ideally they should limit what buffs you can bring into a raid to make it a challenge instead of faceroll 1.12 patch encounters and itemization.

In my opinion there should only be player made consumes and very few farmable consumes and that’s it. None of this lets stack like 10 random raid / dungeon etc buffs in a weird raiding ritual that is more complicated then the actual raid is after your whole raid is twice as powerful as they should be because they are buffed to the max.

Wrong. There are a good few AP buffs, like Trueshot Aura, that grant regular +ap instead of melee ap.

They’ve issued multiple fixes, without any form of patch notes. Even the Blizz quote mentions one of the fixes that they deployed yesterday. Fixing something and patching something are synonyms. When they choose to add a number or not to the version is abstract.

No one mentioned the phase.

Now can you please stop spreading your BS retail.

Following up on this, we’ve issued a hotfix to resolve this and buff stacking should be back to normal.

I’d also like to remind everyone in this thread to read our Bug Report Forum Guidelines and remain on-topic when discussing potential bugs. Any posts or threads that are off-topic or disruptive to the goal of helping us identify and reproduce bugs will be removed.

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This explains so much about last night! Thanks for the fix.

Thanks for the speedy fix, any eta on some of the batching issues being fixed? I.E. warrior execute double batch issue etc.

I tried looking at this earlier after another poster made the same report, and I’m inclined to believe it is a tooltip issue from vanilla: https://us.forums.blizzard.com/en/wow/t/world-buffs-bugged-for-hunters/354599/6?u=triomega-bloodsail-buccaneers. I don’t know when, but I believe the tooltip was cleaned up at some point, leading to the version of the tooltip you can see on https://wow.gamepedia.com/Rallying_Cry_of_the_Dragonslayer.

I know it sucks, but Vanilla had tooltip issues that Classic seems to have reproduced. One well known one for Warriors is the talent Anger Management (Arms row 3), which reads “Increases the time required for your rage to decay while out of combat by 30%.”

Except, what it actually does is give you 1 Rage per 3 seconds while in combat.

For anyone wondering about hunters and ap from buffs, check Trueshot aura in any database of classic spells. It has 2 separate effects for ranged ap and melee ap, while battle shout and other buffs only have one.

Glad we got this fix, though, and I’m hoping we can keep getting more fixes/explanations of the buff/debuff caps and mechanics

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