Buff/rework frost mage ASAP

Frost mage needs a buff or a revamp asap. They cannot keep up with the fast modern world of warcraft any more. Every class has a stun gap closer and speed boost. Frost mage does not. They are so easily hunted down its no wonder why you don’t see anyone playing one because you get annihilated on sight because everyone has so much more to their kit then frost does. Also most of not all mage legendarys are cheap and crappy that most don’t even help with your pvp game play except tri ward so that you can last just a little bit longer before you get squished like a bug. You would think with a company name like blizzard you’d show your frost mage alot more love then all these nerfs you’ve been handing them. Oh and these miniscule buffs if you could even call them that in 9.1.5. Is just a bone tossing to og frost players hoping for a better frost future. But it won’t be. Buff them and give them a better tool kit to fit in with modern world of warcraft. It’s too fast gameplay now for them


Frost just needs to be reworked which means we all will have to deal with how it is now until the next expansion.


Doesn’t have to be like that at all. They can do it in a month. It’s just that no one plays frost any more to demand it

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Yes, they could, but complete revamps usually happens during the testing phase of a new expansion. They’ll do some small spell reworks during an expansion, but changing an entire spec? That will have to wait, unfortunately.

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The problem with posts like this is you’re looking at 1 aspect of the end game, when they have to balance 3 aspects (raid, pvp, and m+)

Frost actually does really well in M+ in its current state. Its biggest issue in raid is that it’s balanced around the TV/IP synergy which eliminates so many other build options and renders them absolutely dead; additionally it punishes the spec heavily anytime fight mechanics or phases force DPS downtime.

I don’t PvP, but based on watching recent PvP tournament events, it just seems that PvP is basically World of Fleshcraft and the interactions of cov abilities/soulbinds is far too much for Blizz to properly balance. And it seems Fire’s ability to quickly dish out damage via a Combust in the midst of all these elements seems to have too much value.


Very easy to work around for a developer. No one takes the time to work on class improvements anymore

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I’ve said it before and I’ll likely say it again before the end of the expansion, but this is 100% something Blizzard did to themselves. When dungeons were just something to do, no one cared about balacing them, but Blizz went and made M+ the best method of gearing without looking at how it is entirely different PvE content to raiding. It’s time for separate spell coefficients within dungeons and raids to allow for greater balance.

I actually feel that it wouldn’t be that hard of a fix but that assumes that Blizzard cares, which doesn’t seem to have been the case for at least the past 2-3 expansions.


I only play frost in PvP and where we lack in burst, we make up in CC and sustained damage. I think one or two minor changes would really spruce up Frost.

You’re wrong and lack vision around you. Every class has more burst and more cc. Frost gets eaten alive to all the gap closers and all the cc and burst compared to all other classes


You’re not using triunes ward.

you don’t play frost mage so get outta here 1300

Blizzard now “cares” about profit, that is all.

So they will put in the less effort they can to collect the most $$ out of players.

My mage is currently 1600. I play mage better than you do and I’m meh at mage.

Your mages are both at 0 cr :joy:


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Check pvp isn’t a sketchy website. It’s a known pvp site that shows all your linked characters.

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