Buff the IE rewards!

(Cattywompus) #1
Since you guys "buffed" the loot drop rate which seemed to last about 4 days, the loot seemed to have taken a turn for the worse. I'm sure it's working as intended, but how hard is it to look at this forum and see that there are hundreds of people speaking up about this, blizz? Specifically because you plan on adding more types of NPC's therefore making it harder and harder to obtain the items we want in the long run. We need to see a buff in loot, and a way to target/challenge specific invasions.

Plant a pirate flag on the beach, mess with some funky thunder orb to target naga, step on a lizard to make the saurok storm the beaches!!!

Don't forget how many people in your playerbase are perfectionists, and collectors, and they are being defeated by this double layered RNG. I for one have ran almost 2000 of these, and have a few pets and quest items that I proudly deleted in the hopes of getting Squawks to drop. The majority of my runs have been during weeks where pirates were stationed on the rotting mire, and I have had zero luck with that. I have had multiple friends run them with me, the mount would drop for them maybe the 2nd or 3rd go on the rotting mire, and they would casually slip out and go do other content while I still pretend like the more I grind these pirates the better chances I will have for this to drop, and then I can go enjoy other aspects of the game. That was never the case, and I'm still here with nothing to show for it! I feel like I had better luck farming specific BOE epics in vanilla off of NPC's in winterspring.

I'm not the only one that is tired of this, blizz. You're my favorite gaming company, please listen to your playerbase! 8.1 is right around the corner, and we would love to see a little more than a new vanity item vendor. We need a little bit of love to fix this system.

(Darragar) #2
I started posting on the forums again solely to show my desire for Island Expeditions to feel rewarding, I'm with you.

Island expeditions currently feel like a shopping spree like we used to watch on TV, throwing items into a cart, screaming when people threw in cheap things and being overjoyed when they grabbed something you loved. All that emotion but at the end, it didn't matter. Tiny world quest sized chunk of azerite. I would LOVE for expeditions to feel better on the other end because inside I feel great, the sense of potential is amazing but the let-down of seeing nothing so many times really grinds you down.

(Santaklause) #3
Targeting mobs is my dream. Or as you said plant a pirate flag for pirate mobs or invasion. Love it.

(Prometheium) #4
The "buff" they did seems to be reverted at this point. Because worthwhile rewards are non-existent even with rare targeting :(

(Kîtana) #5
I've done so many expeditions multi-boxing myself to collect the mounts, and I've only gotten thousands of dubloons and two mounts (Surf Jelly and Squawks). I'm assuming the drop rate is 1% or much lower for the mounts. Add to this the fact that there are over a dozen invasions and three other party members fighting for that mount dropping, and you're looking at a Heavenly Onyx Cloud Serpent or Big Love Rocket drop rate. This is a sick joke, and it needs to be fixed, Blizzard.

(Potentium) #6
I wonder if they count the dubloon pouches as loot, because that's the only way i see drops rates being anything decent.

(Siyonae) #7
11/09/2018 12:59 AMPosted by Darragar
I would LOVE for expeditions to feel better on the other end because inside I feel great, the sense of potential is amazing but the let-down of seeing nothing so many times really grinds you down.

So much this. I love that feeling of anticipation.
As I am running around the island and killing all the things, I am thinking, "Ooo, these can probably drop that pet!" or "I wonder if these are what drop that quest turn in" or "WOW, new big black dragon, it must drop the coolest stuff!"

But once you have done these multiple times and see that "Rewards" screen pop up to get nothing but AP.... I am finding myself falling out of love with IE's and it is heartbreaking.

We used to compare what everyone got at the end of each IE. Now we are mostly silent or bitterly comparing how many dubs we got for a lackluster vendor (bring back the fun vendor items!).

There has been a significant decline in the drop rates in the last two weeks. At least let us know if this was intended or not.

(Agnohm) #8
Now that I have my Dark Iron Dwarf there's literally no reason for me to ever touch Expeditions again. There are some potentially cool rewards but the drop rates are so abysmal I'm not even going to bother when grinding out expeditions with lackluster rewards is time I could be spending leveling my dorf.


How bout NO ? Its the fact they are so rare that makes them attractive. DO NOT boost droprates to satisfy ppl who only cap every week. Yawn!

(Cattywompus) #10

I’ve done well over 2500, but what would I know?

(Kitanana) #11

Imposter i seee


I didn’t get squat diddly from Mythic IE’s last week.

Buff the dang rewards.

(Mcsalty) #13

IE’s are lazy content design thats lazy boring and unrewarding.

(Absolootly) #14

I really like islands, but it does get very frustrating getting nothing over, and over, and over.

There are SO MANY possible rewards, pets and sets, quests and rep turn-ins, mounts and weps to collect. The table of possibilities is huge, and yet still nothing.

I’m very much into collecting, so I know RNG is RNG and it doesn’t pick favourites, but it’s really disheartening when I’ve ran more islands than my guildmates combined and haven’t gotten any mounts - but rest assured they have when running with me.
My fiance got the jelly on his second island ever.
My Paladin guildie got the Mogu dog.
My Monk friend that HATES islands and only runs them to do the weekly has gotten two.
I really, really want the Risen Mare as I’m Forsaken, and ran Havenswood a madwoman during the Cultist week. After Pulling several 8 hr+ days of running islands, I brought in a Priest friend and she got it after her 2nd one.
A healer we raid with ran 30 islands every day since they came out, and JUST got her FIRST mount two weeks ago. That’s ridiculous.

I’m not upset that they got loot, by any means, I’m really glad they did because it’s the only beacon of hope I have left. I also owe my island expedition pet achievement largely to them, because there’s no way in Hellfire I’d have gotten half of them otherwise.

Supposedly the heroic and mythic versions “should” drop more loot, but they never have for anyone I know. They report largely getting also nothing, and it isn’t worth the effort and time to do higher difficulties now because of how overtuned they are. It’s not fun getting one-shot by a nonelite mob.

I’m honestly beginning to feel like Shadeweaver Zarra every time I queue up.

(Brittlehold) #15

I’m actually dreading the day I finally get my first mount because if it’s not the one mount I’m looking for I might quit running islands because I know I might never see another mount at the current rate I’m going.