Buff one spell, nerf one spell

Hello! Long-time mage player here, since 2006. Not that it matters, but I have seen the ebb and flow of mage evolution/devolution of spells and abilities. Before I start, a few notables and more memorable spells/abilities:

  • Living Bomb having no target limit and hitting like a massive truck (WoTLK)
  • Frostfire Bolt being a frost/fire school, hitting hard and slowing!
  • Arcane Blast being able to slow your targets
  • Frost Bomb being able to be detonated by fireblast
  • Deep Freeze hitting for massive damage on cc immune targets or stunning players

At any rate, sticking to the thread. One spell I would love to see buffed to epic proportions and another catastrophically nerfed:

Arcane Missiles:
Launch 5 waves of pure arcane energy missiles that critically hit your target. 5 charges, 15 second recharge.

Frost Nova:
Release a burst of frost magic that root you and everyone around you within 8 yards, for 8 seconds. Effect cannot be removed.

Yes. I was bored.

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Pyroblast absolutely nuking people like how it used to.

Slow Fall duration reduced to 10s lmao.

PS.: I miss Deep Freeze.