Bubbling Brew Debuff

I got this debuff from a scenario in isle of thunder but it won’t go away lol.

Same. Would love to get an update on this.

Same here. I thought it was a tinker gem, but it’s not. I can’t complete one of the dailies because the damage every second breaks the costume. It’s so annoying and has the constant bubbling sound. My toon is no longer playable. I hope they fix this.

All they would need to do is make it cleansable with the scrolls they gave us, but it’s not as of right now.

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The Bubbling Brew debuff is still there and has been going on a week now. My player is really unplayable due to the annoyance. All the time spent on this toon and unable to complete the Remix event. Really disappointing!

I fixed it by dying. Removed it immediately.