BSODs and wow

I have a pretty new system, now less than a year old, and over the last six weeks or so BSODs have been happening more and more. It is almost every day now and has always been when playing wow, and now, it happened twice today–mind you for the first time when not playing wow.

The message on the blue screen is almost always DRIVER_IRLQ_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL
What failed: tcpip.sys

When looking at error reporting, almost every entry starts with this: Faulting application name: Wow.exe, version:

I have unistalled and reinstalled wow twice, but that did not help. Today I tried to reinstall WIndows, but my system would not do it. I have also scanned the memory for problems, and the hard drives as well–and there was nothing found.

I am at a loss for what to do now. I check for new drivers and Windows updates for my hardware every day upon starting my rig. The hardware is top notch, too, and worked fine for almost a year before these repeated crashes started.

Any help would be great.

Edit: I am also running SLI and hence, DirectX 11. Could this be related?

Hey there,

Bluescreens are a bit outside our normal realm of support since they typically indicate a rather major problem with the operating system, device drivers, are hardware.

That said, I noticed you mentioned DirectX 11. Nvidia released a hotfix driver to patch a bug with dx11 earlier this week. If your graphics device is compatible be sure to check it out!

If that doesn’t help with the Bluescreens it may be best to discuss the issue with Microsoft directly.

Hope the info helps! Let us know how things go with the drivers.

Would this be related? I ask since the first crash happened very shortly after 8.3 was released:


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Crossfire/SLI do not work since 8.3.0

We are currently aware of an issue with Crossfire and SLI support beginning with the 8.3.0 client build. The Quality Assurance team is investigating the error currently and looking for a resolution.


No, none of the known issues is related to bluescreens. You’ll need to follow the troubleshooting that Kaldraydis gave you.

Don’t bother to fix anything with wow. Game is poorly optimized and even on a monster machine it will give you allot problems. BSoD may be that WoW causes you system to get confused due the lack of optimization in game (which is again blizzards fault not yours)

For me this game has such a slow loading time that’s insane. Blizzards solution was delete the folders and get SSD. I’m running WoW on latest high end monster machine where every game is 100 FPS+ , even WoW is 100fps+ but when enter click enter game, oh boy. I can go make my self cup of coffee , take a morning dump and still come back with some textures in loading progress.

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My loading screens are pretty quick and I have a ton of addons too. If it is taking a long time to load try a Full UI Reset and test the loading after that with no addons. Even if you don’t use addons sometimes the issues of loading will still crop up so a full UI reset is still recommended.

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What fixed this problem to me is I deleted the whole wow folder, retail specifically. From launcher i clicked install but instead of download it just did copying files (probably from ptr)

When I logged into the game it was running perfect