Brutosaur til prepatch

I think Blizzard views this mount as a mistake, and likely will not add a new one any time soon. I don’t think they like the idea that a player has all the creature comforts of a large city easily accessible to them.

Just give me a literal house mount. Doesn’t even need the Auction part. Or let me uproot my garrison and fly it around instead.


I’d be fine if they wanted to add it back, or at least another version, but without all the bells and whistles. I don’t need all of that stuff. I just want a cool dinosaur mount.


What a cruel joke that would be. “Oh, NOW they tell me. Let me dredge up 5M gold in a month.”


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But… it is a lie?

We were told in November 2019 it was going away when Shadowlands launch, yes.

However, it ended up going away with the prepatch:

If Icy Veins isn’t enough for you, the announcement post:

Prepatch went live October 13th.

So 11 months.

Yes, it’s essentially a year, but it’s still a lie to say we had “literally over a year” of warning.

Though, some might say we were only given 2 months of notice of the accurate date, so… shrug


Its always good to drain gold from a MMORPG in order to reduce inflation.

Hopefully the next gold sink mount will just be cosmetic so Blizz won’t feel the need to remove it.

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I’d be fine with a Brutosaur that doesn’t have the extra seats and NPC vendors. They could even make it a different color. I just like the Brutosaur model.

Maybe what they could do is make a white one that is one of the offspring from those two Brutosaurs that Horde players met while questing in Zuldazar. No fancy bells or whistles. Just a plain, white Brutosaur.


Seems a bit pedantic as it was practically a year but you are technically correct.

But no, it should not come back.

As I said, my issue is he said “literally over a year” not a year. Over a year. :stuck_out_tongue: We did in fact not have over a year.

And we only had 2 months of notice for the actual date, which is a problem in itself.

I don’t want the AH mount brought back. I want a non-AH Brutosaur mount added for cheaper.

One of my biggest BFA pet peeves is they used the brutosaur mount in the trailers as an appeal point, but then didn’t have any affordable ones for the average player.


The ‘thing for players to work towards’ was added with the creation of the Slime Cat, even though Blizzard did LFR players dirty by pulling it from LFR at the last moment.

But even if they were to add what you’re asking them to. There’s not even a month until pre-patch at this point. The pre-patch date, according to leaks, is the 25th of October, that means folks would have at a minimum, 17 days to get all the gold for this ‘gold sink mount’ before it’s gone.

And all that’s going to do is force players to buy tokens to get as much gold as possible, thus driving down the token gold price (as there will be too much supply and not enough demand) and only a few players are going to get said mount without burning through a ton of RL currency.

This idea would have been more acceptable if 1. The slime cat didn’t exist and 2. You had suggested it before 9.2 launched.

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No, fair enough. I just found it a bit funny is all. :grin:

Even without the leaks, the prepatch is November 1st latest, which is less than a month.

The 18th/25th is more plausible, depending on how many weeks they intend to let Evokers be playable.

Every prepatch has been 4 weeks except Legion and SL. Legion had 2 extra weeks for 2 weeks of Demon Hunters. Shadowlands was delayed, but it originally was 4 weeks.

So November 1st if they go for the usual 4 weeks. If they plan 1 week of Evoker, October 25th, 2 weeks, October 18th.

*going by past precedence. THey could change it all up and have it be 4-5 weeks with 2 weeks of evokers, who knows.


True enough, although yeah the leaks were right about the launch date for Dragonflight, so I expect they’re also right about pre-patch.

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Just wanted to poke in and say if you AFK in towns or safe places on your Brutosaur I love you. <3

Nah it’s straight up a bad decision. None of the other vendor mounts were removed. They really should just re-add but just make it grey or something. That way the whales can still feel special with their green long boi.


I agree. There was absolutely zero reason for blizzard to remove the brutosaur mount.

They very likely did it because

  1. they didn’t like that players saved so much time by not going to a main city for the auction house (thus spending less time in game overall);


  1. they saw how low their subscription numbers were during BFA and wanted to make people come back to sub to buy the mount.

If they want to increase the amount of time players spend in the game or increase their subscription numbers, just make the game more enjoyable… it’s really not that hard.

9.2 and season four was lots of fun and very enjoyable, but it looks like DF is reverting on that progress.


This is gonna happen and you’ll regret it because;

  1. Bruto goes up for 10m and a lot of people buy it
  2. DF patch 10.1 Blizzard adds a “Dragon of Everything” mount that has an AH, Vendor/BS, Transmog, and Barber shop. Kick all those out and it’s a five man party mount. All for 2.5 million gold and max Renown with all dragons.

Just you watch, anything nice you get will be back for better!

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It would be weird having a tiny rocket that fits two people but the Ginormosaur only fits one.

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I’m honestly just tired of being in a group for something and someone says “oh forgot to buy [food/flask/potions/invis pots], need to go to AH.”

Then they hearth to covenant sanctum, click Oribos portal, go to the first floor of oribos, mount up and go to orgrimmar portal, walk out of orgrimmar portal room, mount up, go to AH, buy item on AH, then finally proceed to head back to dungeon/raid.

All of this time could have been saved if anyone in group had an auction house mount and an engi mailbox. (I’m always an engi on all my toons, so that’s covered).

Imagine you are in the middle of the raid when this happens, there are no warlocks in the group and walking out of the raid isn’t possible at this point… the person would then have to take oribos portal and then manually fly to raid since we can’t summon them and their hearth is on CD.

I don’t know about you but this is not an enjoyable way for me to spend my time.

I would buy … but it wouldn’t be fair for those who got it during BFA