Broken Drop Rate

29 th try to get a trinket on a heroic makes any player ask why they sub

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30th try is the charm!

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you cant play the game without that trinket? must be a trinket that needs nerfing, then.

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Point to where they said this.

Right here. I thought it’s obvious but maybe it wasn’t as easy for everyone to see as it was for me. I tend to overestimate people’s critical thinking… my bad.

“makes any player ask why they sub”

let me explain in further detail. Just so you understand this. If you’re questioning your subscription to an entire virtual world due to one trinket, then that trinket’s importance to your gaming experience is great. Too great, in fact. Such a trinket should not exist.

But at this point I must also indicate that I was asking, hence the question mark at the end. So I think you’re asking me to point the answer to my own question. Since I asked first, I pass priority to you to answer.

That’s not what you were asked. Looks like you’re trying to argue a point that wasn’t actually expressed anywhere except in your imagination. You made it up. It didn’t happen.

correction: it happened, it was just worded differently.

No, the words being typed to you actually mean things. Read them and respond accordingly or stop trolling cuz you’re bad at it.

how else can i get better?

Need to be a little bit wittier about it, where people can’t tell if you’re actually being dense on purpose or not.

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Rng protection for chase items should be a thing.


if it’s bis, most people are gonna try repeatedly til they get it. Your comment doesn’t really make sense here, as everything we try to get repeatedly would need nerfed then with that logic.

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you’re making a strawman.

if the game’s unplayable without that trinket, then the trinket is too strong.
if the game is playable without the trinket, then he doesn’t need to focus his entire gameplay on getting it.

where’s the confusion?

I agree with your overall point, but I think a better way to approach the subject is to question the title of the post, rather than hit someone with a tongue in cheek statement.

Referring to the drop rate as broken is akin to saying it’s not working correctly, or as intended. So, what’s intended? The OP seems to be under the impression that they should have it by now, likely by some nebulous standard they’ve justified internally, but there’s no objective line you can draw where they’ve officially earned the drop outside of them finally getting it. While I’m personally sympathetic to those chasing drops and feeling like their time is wasted, I think a fair outlook is not expecting something random to happen; treat it as a bonus instead. I don’t think I’ll get Rainsong this season, but I’m okay with that.

A little more in the weeds: The trinket in the post is out of season and probably not something anyone would want right now. If I remember correctly, that trinket is actually pretty bad, and this makes me all the more confused.

i don’t dissagree, however I am aiming at a larger problem where players cant paly the game without feeling full-bis.

the desire to participate in character development is lacking.

can’t play without 4-piece tier. can’t paly without legendary.
can’t play without bis trinkets.
can’t play without bis weapons.

in this game genre, the dice roll determines the outcome. you want straight forward and predictable, play chess.

That’s pretty much what I’m alluding to. I really hate using the word lately, but it comes across as entitlement. Expectation of drops is probably something people should downplay for themselves, overall.

I know I started having much more fun when I stopped caring what dropped for me. It’s much more enriching to improve how I play, instead of dwelling on what I didn’t get.

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Entitlement is 100% a thing that does exist, but we’re also talking about the kind of situation where you can go a month or two without attaining a very specific item despite constant effort towards trying to get it, and not getting it because of stuff that’s out of your control. Yeah, fine, you’re not entitled to fat loot all the time. But in S1 when I tried all season to get broodkeepers and only got it at the end, I didn’t care as much. Didn’t feel worth it. Got handed like 4 grieftorches through those mythic/timewalking weeklies though at the same time. Rigged as heck, blizzard conspiring against me.

Yeah, it totally sucks when you don’t get what you want, but I think extreme responses should be tempered in all circumstances outside of necessity. Like, these items have no bearing on what content you can do, just a modest bump in numbers you put out. Bis items are hardly a requirement for the majority of the player base, which is at the heart of Robokappa’s point. Despite the sass, I think the sentiment is well-intentioned; It’s a good lesson for everyone to learn.

As I mentioned in my earlier post, there’s no hard line you can draw to justify earning a randomly dropped piece of gear, such that one could feel injustice toward not receiving it; the act would be illogical. When it comes to the specific situation in this thread, anyone in the shoes of the OP should be mature enough to do the mental calculus and decide if it’s worth pursuing before they get this upset.