Brm tanks in bg

Hardly see any brm tanks in BG compared to other tanks like prot pally or guardian druids… just wondering if it’s me

It’s mainly due to the fact that brewmaster’s main defensive doesn’t work well with how much damage they actually take in pvp. From my experience they are tied in squishiness for pvp with warriors. They could be worse honestly.

They changed how stagger works in pvp/pve a long time ago. Brewmaster hasn’t felt somewhat viable since legion. It was gutted after legion hard.


Why play brew when you could play guardian instead? Requires 90% less effort.

Blizz ftw. Give druids four specs and three of them have unbelievable kits right now it’s sick. Meanwhile some poor mage only has one spec and they gotta beat out locks hunters and boomies to get a spot in rbgs. Rmp is still viable for them. Although things appear slightly better for s4 but still…hunters locks and boomies are still stacking slots in teams

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91% lesss!!

They’re fun but just worse than every other tank. Damage-wise and durability-wise.

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the better players dont crutch on guardian. guardian druid is the master marksman of tanks. everyone can do well because it’s simple.

The 50% increased dmg taken in pvp makes them basically useless. Meanwhile blizz recently buffed survival dmg for PVE reasons and it carried over to pvp. :clown_face: world.

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