BrM Monk 419 6/8h TEP 9/9m BoD CE, 8/8m CE LF Progression Guild


I am currently looking for a Hardcore/Semi-hardcore progression raiding guild, Horde or Alliance. Willing to transfer and/or faction change. I am able to PTR test if guild permits. Recently switch to Horde due to the population difference to have more variety of groups to join while looking for a new raiding guild.

Days Available for raid: Mon/Tues/Wed/Thurs/Sun
Times: Between 8pm-1am EST

Current Raiding History: 6/8H TEP; 2/2h CoS(guild decided to skip progression); 9/9m BoD CE; 8/8 Uldir CE

Previous Raiding History: (Guardian Druid was my main)
11/11m Antorus CE; 9/9m ToS CE; 10/10m NH.

Current Characters:
Main: Incrediguy - Mal’ganis (Previously Incredimonk-Kel’Thuzad
Spec/Class: BrM Monk
(Can’t Provide logs here due to hyperlink)

Main: Pumpkinpye-Kel’Thuzad (used in BoD for a few bosses)
Spec/Class: Blood DK

I also have a 120 Guardian Druid (407 ilvl), 120 Protection Paladin (363 ilvl). Both of which I can play at raiding capability but previous guild needs were Monk/DK so did not focus as much on their gear/neck.

Battletag: KMeinberg#1979
Discord: incrediguylol#2404

I have the ability to play from work so I am able to respond in a timely fashion.