Bringing Arena PvP to Wrath Classic

In original World of Warcraft, Arena matches were first introduced during The Burning Crusade. This became a major way for players to test their skills against one another, and to expand and master their knowledge of their classes. Years later, during the development of Burning Crusade Classic, the Classic development team sought to reintroduce this game mode in a way that provided Arena contenders with an authentic recreation of the Arena experience.

We enjoyed watching players enter the Arena each season and experience the rush of competition. We got to see the first Infernal Gladiators – recognizing the top players of Season 1. We also saw a lot of feedback from the community, and we gathered and analyzed a great deal of data about Arena play. This gave us the information we needed to implement Arenas in Wrath of the Lich King Classic, and importantly, to make some key modifications to how the Arena system works. In addition to removing Arena Teams, we’re testing several improvements to how Arenas look and feel.

Updated UI

The Arena user interface will look much like it did in Burning Crusade Classic, with some modifications:

  • You’ll find your bracket listed in the place you used to see your team name.
  • Banner colors and icons will update based on your current rating and ranking.
  • If you’re a top ranked player, you’ll see your ranking.

Entering the Arena

Now that teams have been removed, you can queue with any other member(s) of your faction from your realm. Simply form a group, travel to your Arena battlemaster, and queue for the Arena size you desire.

Arena Points

Like Burning Crusade Classic, each week you’ll receive Arena Points based on your rating and participation. To receive Arena Points each week, players must participate in at least 10 games that week.

End of Season Awards

Arena rewards should look very much like they did in Burning Crusade Classic and the original Wrath of the Lich King. The Arena ladder will be calculated based on each player’s personal rating:

  • Rank 1: End a PvP season in the top 0.1% of the Arena ladder.
  • Gladiator: End a PvP season in the top 0.5% of the Arena ladder.
  • Duelist: End a PvP season in the top 3% of the Arena ladder.
  • Rival: End a PvP season in the top 10% of the Arena ladder.
  • Challenger: End a PvP season in the top 35% of the Arena ladder.

To receive the rewards for the ranks above, you must:

  • Participate in at least 50 games during the Season.
  • Not be disqualified for breaking the Blizzard End User License Agreement.

Thank you for testing with us in the Wrath Beta!


This is amazing! Thank you so much for bringing back the servers!

Why is there still no announcement if we’ll be able to get arena rewards/titles in the 2v2 bracket for Wrath Classic? It was removed as of Season 7 and 8 in Wrath, but was still obtainable in Season 5 and 6.

Considering how 2v2 has by far the most participation out of any bracket I think it would be a horrible idea to remove it this time around.

Can we get some info on this please?


Awesome ! Can’t wait!

One suggestion though, plz make it so we can see enemy arena team before the doors open!

Thank for you this post.

Could you please clarify:

  1. Are the increased arena point rewards introduced in S4 of TBC staying for WoTLK? (Please say yes)

  2. Will 2v2 still quality for end of season rewards? (Please also say yes)

Can you finally make this also include boosting? Super annoying blocking all these jobless rank 1’s selling boosts. Also ruins the competitive portion of the game.


Great changes.

But PLEASE re-merge oceanic and North America arena, it is killing the oceanic scene due to terrible queues.


As much as I’d love it removes from 2s (strictly because it’s been imbalanced for so long in retail and arguably wrath) keeping it will probably prove healthy for the game.

I actually think a reasonable middle ground would be to keep weapons only available from 3s and 5s (like season 7/8) while keeping 2s with titles to promote all bracket play.

Going to fix arena for you

Remove ratings on gear minus maybe weapon and shoulders but lower the rating required.

Whatever you think is good honor per bg, triple that.

Do not allow pve gear in pvp

There, do these things and wrath pvp will be successful. Do them not and it will be dead just like TBC and retail.

Free of charge

Please fix the resist and heartbeat bug on beta, vanilla and tbc features shouldn’t be in wrath, it’s ruining the arena experience in wrath


Would love for you to address:

  • Rating requirements for gear
  • 2s end of season rewards (will they be removed or kept in).
  • Stance on re-merging OCE with NA (there are some afternoons with literally a single WSG going).
  • How honor will transition between TBC and WotLK.
  • How will the wintergrasp zone work if both faction have access to the NPCs there.

Please keep up the communication.


Most people like to play 2s these days, would be great if they let us get titles


This is a fantastic start. Now just allow for cross-realm parties and you’ve created what arena players are truly after. It also helps deal with the mega servers.

Think about it for a moment, battlegrounds (and now Wintergrasp, by extension) are instanced PvP wherein you are partied with and face opponents from other servers. Come WOTLK-C, arena will inexplicably be the only “server-locked” team-based PvP. Why?

Now that teams have gone away, there is no reason to restrict players from playing with players not from their own server.


With the removal of arena teams, any thoughts on letting us queue arenas with players from other servers? Maybe for btag friends or something? Particularly in the case of smaller servers and the fresh servers, this would be a big boon.

Hi Kaivax, thanks for post - though i am curious.

In the analyses the team undertook were there any key findings regarding battlegroups and the performance of / availability regarding match making? Specifically focusing on the OCE region which in my experience has been impacted.

And are there any up-coming communications plans to address regions and pvp that you may be able to share to this playerbase in anticipation?

… Soon TM?

No legendaries in arena please


A lot of the boosters were unbanned if they had the right connection at the end of S2, and then there were actually ZERO bans at the end of S3. They don’t have the resources to care about the integrity of competition in their game.

Any word on fixing the original WotLK oversight where PVP weapons from previous seasons were left off the vendors who sold all of the other old PVP stuff?

Arena participation could increase if there was a way to practice arena and get a feel for it before gaining/losing rating.

Solo or duo queue arena skirmishes could help arena participation. The reason many players don’t arena and they’re hesitant to is they’re inexperienced and they don’t want any team member to have to go through losing rating because of their inexperience, so they just avoid arena altogether since no one likes disappointment.


2 things i’d also like to see addressed before season 5 goes live:

  • class stacking in arena (i.e., double rogue). it’s been suggested a few times to remove class stacking from rated arena since it contributes to unhealthy play
  • use of engineering items. at the very least, previous expansion (TBC) engineering items should be banned from rated use just like they were with the precedent set in TBC w/ the engineering net. this same mentality should cascade to things like hypervision goggles (these are currently being used on beta by certain teams). i think it’d be interesting to portray the meta as it was in true wrath w/ engineering tinkers/trinkets/etc. (just as was done with belt of nigh invulnerability in tbc), but i’d rather see engineering banned altogether from rated play than cheese like hypervision goggles plaguing the ladder.