Bring the class not the player

Id rather Classes be unique than homogenized as well.

Homogenization just makes PvE boring, but it absolutely destroys and ruins PvP.

When every class can do everything to stop another class it just becomes 10 minutes of running in circles until one person dies by accident.


Well he’s right, they do need a nerf.

I wonder if the OP played in Wrath where if you didn’t have a shadow priest or two you could not do 25 man Naxx.


While I don’t want to go back to everything being like it used to be for class design, I do wish they’d return an element of “bring the class”.

I liked the feeling that when you grouped up, you felt more powerful and not just because you had an extra sword or fireball. Other classes brought buffs or debuffs that made you stronger. I liked when they brought unique things to the group that made you think “A Mage would be awesome right now for X”.

The balancing would come from making sure everybody gets something that unique and awesome, and not arbitrarily deciding that one class should do half the DPS of another like happens to some in Classic WoW.