Bring more sets to Trial of Style!

Please create or bring more sets to the Trial of Style! I currently have:

16 unopened 1st place boxes (800 Tokens)
7 unopened 2nd place boxes (245 Tokens)
12 unopened 3rd place boxes (300 Tokens)
15 unopened Consolation Prizes (average of about 14 tokens- so 210ish or so tokens)
1 full stack of 200 tokens.

All sitting in my bank for new stuff. I am currently at 12 first place wins this season alone. I hope the game can add more stuff soon so I can start to spend down some of my roughly 1,750 ish tokens.


100% agree, I like Trial of Style but there isn’t any reason to do it once you have the sets, last time it was boots. I main a Draenei, boots look mostly warped on the hooves.

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